George Strait To Maybe Play Cowboys' New Stadium This Summer, Although Maybe Not. But, Still, Maybe!

In what can only be classified at this point as "non-news", country music legend George Strait may or may not be booked to perform at the new Cowboys stadium at some as-yet-undetermined point this summer, the Morning News reports today, following up a report made on The Ticket this morning.

Thing is, no one's really willing to say anything on the matter. Kelly Russell, Strait's publicist at MCA Nashville, says the booking is "tentative" and tells the Morning News that these types of bookings "go on and off the schedule" quite frequently. Meanwhile, the Cowboys' PR folks are staying completely mum on the matter, not answering any questions. And the Morning News makes sure to point out that team owner Jerry Jones wanted to open the new stadium with some concerts.

So, um, there you may or may not have it, folks: Geroge Strait may or may not open up your new Cowboys stadium. Yay. Or not.

(Sorry. Slow news day.)

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