Gig Alert: Atmosphere, Eydea & Abilities at House of Blues

If nothing else, Atmosphere's 2008 release, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, was the best named album of the year. But also, as the title implies, the album, and, in particular, the above song, "You," was a paean to all things working class and troubled, and, more importantly, how to get over those hurdles--although less an inspirational disc and more of a middle-finger-in-the-air disgust than that description would imply. Though admitting that the disc was a little cliche-addled, Observer contributor Ben Westhoff sure dug what he heard from Rhymesayers collaborators Slug and Ant, calling the album "a groundbreaking work," and saying that the disc "hints at good things to come" from the duo. Or, rather, maybe more good things, as backpacker hip-hop fans have long praised the Rhymesayers roster for its underground stylings.

Which is why tonight's bill is pretty exciting. Beyond simply offering up Atmosphere to tonight's House of Blues crowd, this show also features champion battle rapper Eyedea and DJ Abilities' collaboration called, quite fittingly, Eyedea and Abilities. The duo is just released its first disc in five years, a darker, harder-rocking effort than fans may have expected from another Minneapolis product. How much so? Well, try on this track from the album, By The Throat, on for size: "This Story."

Should be a fun night. Tickets are $18 for general admission; the show, which also features Minnesota rock outfit Attracted to Gods, starts at 9.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.