Gig Alert: Brightblack Morning Light at Good Records Tonight. For Free.

Totally meant to post something about this earlier today. Unfortunately, I totally forgot.

Which makes for a perfect transition, actually: Tonight at Good Records, every stoner's favorite psych/folk/soul project, Brightblack Morning Light, stops by the Greenville Avenue record shop for an in-store performance. Also on the bill: BBML's tourmates and fellow New Mexicans, Rio En Medio.

Both acts played Rubber Gloves last night--and people actually paid to see them, the suckers.

Tonight's show, as with all Good Records in-stores is, of course, free of charge, dude. But this one's also something of a special occasion: It's partially a celebration for store manager Chris Penn's birthday, which actually came late last week, I think, but whatever. Everything kicks off at 8 o'clock when Penn, under his stage pseudonym of DJ CeePee will start spinning some records. Rio En Medio is slated for a 10 p.m. performance. BBML is schedule to take to Good's stage at 11 p.m.

And, as alluded to before, this makes for some good mellow-out music. And BBML's 2008 release, Motion to Rejoice, is a good listen. In fact, I just listened to it for a little bit and I spaced out a little. Need some more backstory to get your lazy ass to the gig tonight? OK, read this story Observer contributor Chris Parker wrote after interviewing BBML's Nathan Shineywater the last time the band stopped through town (in October).

Also, you've got plenty of time to, y'know, pre-game for this show. Just don't forget to wish Penn a happy birthday when you stop in. He'll be the one spinning records, remember.

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