Gig Alert: Catch New Music From Beauxregard At The Good Show's Showcase Tomorrow Night

Lost among the throngs of new music that we passed along word about yesterday was news of new music from Beauxregard--something we swear we wholly meant to tell you about then, but, um, forgot to...

Anyway, the new tracks, especially "So Long" and "High Noon" are for sure worth checking out on the band's Myspace page; they're less bombastically new wave-y than the band's previous output, but still spaced-out and Bowie-influenced--just in a more toned down manner. Tough to say if this is a completely new direction for the band, but it seems like a good start, whatever it is.

(I'm told you can download these tracks on that page, too, but I sure as hell can't figure out how... Anyone?)

You can catch Beauxregard performing these tracks live at the Fairmount in Forth Worth tomorrow, as they've just been added to The Good Show's showcase, alongside fellow Fort Worthians Rivercrest Yacht Club, The Me-Thinks and Panther City Bandits.

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