Gig Alert: Come Out to Tonight's DOMAXXII Ceremony at the Granada Theater. It's Free!

Well, we're about to close up shop here and head over to the Granada to take care of some last-minute preparations for tonight's 22nd annual Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony. As we've told you before, tonight's affair should be a pretty special one. In addition to handing out some 32 awards, we'll also have performances from 15 nominated acts--some will play in-your-face sets on the floor, while others share the mainstage and will wow you with the live-mash-ups they've been working on. Here's the planned order-of-events as far as performances:

  • In "the pit": Leg Sweeper
  • Live mash-up: The O's vs. Somebody's Darling
  • In "the pit": Spooky Folk
  • Live mash-up: Dust Congress vs. Shiny Around The Edges
  • In "the pit": Descender
  • Live mash-up: RTB2 vs. THe BAcksliders
  • In "the pit": Bad Sports
  • Live mash-up: Air Review vs. Smile Smile!
  • In "the pit": Whiskey Folk Ramblers
  • Live mash-up: galleryCat vs. Mount Righteous!

Should be a hell of a time, folks. And, remember, this event is completely open to the public (assuming you're of legal drinking age) and absolutely free to attend. Also, doors open at 8, so be sure to come along early.

We'll see you over there in a few hours.

Till then, to whet your appetite, we've got another treat for you. Remember those Sarah Jaffe and Ishi covers posted earlier this month by photographer/synth/ukulele guru David Wilson? Well, turns out Wilson wasn't able to make video clips for all of the "Best Song" nominees after all. But he did finish his covers--and he's kindly passed them along for you to stream, and download if you like. Check them out after the jump.

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "Clementine (Sarah Jaffe cover)"

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "Pastel Lights (Ishi cover)"

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "Bible Belt (Spooky Folk cover)"

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "We Will All Be Changed (Seryn cover)"

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "Doctor's Not Gonna Cure Out Ills (Beaten Sea cover)"

Bonus mp3: David Wilson -- "Shake Your Fist (Telegraph Canyon cover)"


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