Gig Alert: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights To Play Free In-Store Performance at Good Records Tonight

Tonight, on the eve of releasing Pardon Me, its major label debut for Atlantic Records, Dallas' Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights will stop by Good Records to give the new disc one last local push.

Starting at 9 p.m., the band will host a CD release party at the Greenville Avenue record store where it will both perform new songs from the disc, sign copies for its fans, and hand out limited edition posters.

In this week's paper, I detailed the road the band's taken to get up to this point. For the most part, the band's rise has been relatively standard. Here's the difference, though: Between the label's backing and the marketability of the sound on the new album, this act's got some pretty big potential for mainstream success--even if it takes a few years.

Since we're on the subject of that story, a quick correction: I'd misidentified the song Tyler co-wrote with The Black Crowes' Rich Robinson as "Hot Sake." Turns out the two actually co-write the song "Where The Wind Blows." The story should be updated to fix this regrettable error shortly.

In the meantime, you can stream the entirety of the band's new album right here. I recommend "Devil's Basement," the jammiest jam on the disc. If you dig it, be sure to head to Good Records this evening. As currently stands, thanks to the band's busy summer tour schedule (which finds it playing with Kid Rock, ZZ Top and at Bonnarroo), this is the band's last area performance until early September.

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Pete Freedman
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