Gig Alert: We'll Be Taping DC9 in SPACE, Episode 5, Tonight at SPACE Studios

Yep, we'll be doing this again, right here. Won't tell you who's playing, though. You'll have to stop by yourself if you wanna see. It's gonna be awesome, though, as always. That's a promise.

Tonight's taping is set to kick off at, oh, about 9:30 or so. See you there?

(Many, many, many apologies, meanwhile, that last week's--Episode 4, with Matthew Gray's newest project--isn't yet online. I've seen the edited clip, and it looks great, and I can't wait for you to see it. Unfortunately, we've been having some technical difficulties on the uploading end, which seems to be holding the whole train back. It will be up tomorrow, though. Promise. And every episode from here on out should run on Wednesdays as planned. Or else, for real, I'm cracking skulls up in this piece.)

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