Gig Alerts: LMFAO at Palladium, The House Harkonnen (As Nirvana) at Double Wide

Even in yesterday's beast of a Good Friday post, I somehow still managed to miss two more shows worth putting on your radar.

First up: Maybe you're a fan of The Real World: Cancun? Or maybe you just like that one song by LMFAO? The one that goes "I'm in Miami, bitch!" but has been changed by the local radio stations, oh so cleverly, to say, "I'm in Dallas, bitch!" instead? Maybe? Yeah? Well, if so, you're in luck--the California-based electro-hop duo that was pretty much the centerpiece of an entire Real World episode earlier this year will be in town tonight at the Palladium alongside Dallas' own DJ supremes Play-N-Skillz and the rap-rockin' locals in Big Red Rooster, who've got a new disc to promote.

Not your flavor? Well, this show at the Double Wide could be: Tonight, The House Harkonnen, known for melting faces, known for rocking socks and known for imitating Weezer each year, will stop by the Double Wide and mimic another set of rock gods, Nirvana. Don't know how well they'll be able to pull this off, but, at the very least, it could be a pretty interesting event.

So, there you go. You're all caught up.

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