Giveaway: A Pair Of Three-Day Passes, Drink Tickets and a Parking Pass to This Weekend's Wildflower Fest

This weekend, for three days, a festival born out of the celebration of wildflowers will be three days of music to Richardson. Empirical proof that people will take any excuse to turn something into a party? Naturally. But, also, a sneakily enticing option for your weekend plans.

Sure, this weekend's all sorts of too-busy already--it sure would've been nice if Doug Burr, Ishi, Sarah Jaffe and The Beaten Sea could've talked out their CD proposed release show dates and not scheduled them to all take place within 48 hours of one another--but up in Richardson, them folks got themselves as impressive a bill as we've seen the Wildflower Festival boast in the past few years. Over the course of its three-day run (which starts tonight, weather be damned), the festival will offer showcases from Mute Math, Carolina Liar, The B-52's, Bowling For Soup, Delbert McClinton, Los Lonely Boys, Vince Neil, Cowboy Mouth, Candlebox, a whole bunch of mid-level cover bands that are probably just fine to drink to and a few local acts, too (Backside Pick, Jokersdeck, others).

Plus, with the Observer sponsoring this thing, we here at the DC9 have just been handed a set of two entrance wristbands, five drink tickets a day, and a VIP parking pass. If local album release shows weren't planning to take over our lives this weekend (also: The Bossman's  Bar MItzvah--mazel tov!) we'd be tempted to jack 'em ourselves. Thus, we're handing them off to one lucky DC9 reader. Who wants 'em? You? Fine. Just be the first person to email me right now with the words "Wild Thing" in the subject line and they're yours. Gotta be able to swing by the office by closing time at 5:30 this afternoon to grab 'em, though. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.