Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets and Two Free Posters to Tonight's Shared Bill of The Soft Pack and Those Darlins at Sons of Hermann Hall

Back in March, when The Soft Pack and Those Darlins joined forces to take part in Parade of Flesh's post-SXSW Bro Fest bill at the Double Wide, we kind of geeked out--not to mention the fact that we openly pondered how so fe2w made it out to the show. These, far as we at DC9 are concerned, are two of the more promising national acts touring the country these days.

San Diego's The Soft Pack's slacker rock is about as infectious as it gets, and Tennessee's Those Darlins deftly combine brash retro-country rock with their undeniable bad-girl charm. Either one coming to town alone would make for an exciting time; combining them onto one lineup card, as Parade of Flesh is doing tonight at Sons of Hermann Hall (Dallas' Here Holy Spain will open up the festivities), makes for almost obnoxiously good bill--one that stands out even amongst this week's crazy ACL spillover clutter.

So many thanks then to PoF for passing along a free pair of tickets for us to hand out to tonight's show to one lucky DC9 reader--and for sweetening the pot by offering those same two attendees each a free poster to remember the night by. Hit the jump to find out how to win the prize--and also to catch a glimpse of the screen print.

If you want the tickets, shoot me an email with the words "Here, Pack Those" in the subject line, and, assuming you're the first to do so, you'll win. Good luck!

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