Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Kessler Theater Show with Paper Bird, Bosque Brown, Fox and the Bird, Kristy Kruger

Things are gonna get real down and folky tomorrow night at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff, as three fine locals--Bosque Brown, The Fox and The Bird and Kristy Kruger--join in to form a bill also featuring Denver's Paper Bird.

But there's more than folk at play here: Each of the acts on the bill also brings a noir-ish quality to their sonic stylings as well. Locals should already be well familiar with those attributes as applied to super-retro singer-songwriter Kruger, whose songs all sound filtered through the AM dials of yesteryear, and also to Bosque Brown, which, in Mara Lee Miller, boasts not only one of the finest vocalists around, but also an inherent throwback quality thanks to her enunciation and vocal timbre. Paper Bird's style lays somewhere between those two distinctions, bolstered by a combination of Eastern European and Old Western baroque instrumentation. And, actually, the aesthetic of their July-released sophomore album, When the River Took Flight, isn't all that different from the homey stylings of the fourth act on the bill, Fox and The Bird.

Without a doubt, that all adds up to making this Saturday night show the strongest all-folk offering on this quite-busy weekend ahead. And, thanks to the folks at the Kessler Theater, we've got a free pair of tickets to hand to hand out to one lucky DC9 reader interested in attending this show for free. You'll have to act quick to make sure that's you, though. So--quick!--make the jump and find out how to win your tickets.

Want the tickets? OK: Be the very first person to email me starting right now with the words "Kristy and the Brown Paper Bird" in the subject line, and they're yours.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!

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