Giveaway: A Pair of Tickets To Tomorrow's Dax Riggs Show at The Cavern

Austin-based solo blues-rock performer Dax Riggs has quite the musical past, having fronted various sludge, metal and indie bands in the '90s and '00s before debuting his own material as a solo artist in 2007. The interesting this is that he manages to incorporate various elements of those past influences into his wide and varied sound now. Basically: This is rock 'n' roll--and in its purest form, in a sense.

Which makes this a nice treat then: Parade of Flesh, which is putting on tomorrow night's show from Riggs at The Cavern, has been kind enough to offer a pair of tickets to the show to one lucky DC9 reader. Want 'em? Be the first to email me right now with the title of Riggs' most recent release, 2008's If This Is Hell, Then I'm Lucky,  in the subject line. Good luck!

Oh, and speaking of Parade of Flesh: Today, in the coveted 5 p.m. drivetime slot--y'know, just when commuters are as far away from an Internet stream of the Indie-verse as possible--Parade of Flesh's John Iskander will be on the Internet-only station for the second installment of his new weekly, half-hour-long show. Fans of PoF's underground booking tastes will do well to take a listen.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!

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Pete Freedman
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