Giveaway (and Belated Poster of the Week): A Pair of Tickets and Two Free Posters to Sunday Night's Lightning Bolt Show at Trees

Between Courtney Love taking over much of our headspace this week--not to mention our pretty much constant preparation for the ever-impending DOMAXXII Showcase (coming up on Saturday, July 17) and Awards ceremony (the free-to-attend affair taking place at the Granada Theater on Tuesday, July 20)--we regrettably forgot to call out a flier for a show this week for our (coveted?) Poster of the Week honor. Well, here it is, folks.

Designed by Matt Barnes of Austin's PowerHouse Factories, this hand-designed ordeal promotes Sunday night's highly anticipated show at Trees featuring Lightning Bolt, Indian Jewelry and Best Fwends. And it does a phenomenal job--not only because it includes actual lightning bolts, but also because its overall presentation accurately reflects the spazzy aesthetic of this end-of-weekend bill.

In this week's paper, Randall Roberts explains why this show is a must-see:
Lightning Bolt is a two-piece band from Providence, Rhode Island, and in the past 12 years, Brian Chippendale (drums) and Brian Gibson (guitar) have released four chaotic, spazzy art-metal albums that are metal only in the loosest way. Lightning Bolt songs are like crazy, wounded wildcats: dangerous and unpredictable, with jagged claws and scary fury (and speed and beauty).Continue reading...
Just as interesting, though, is the undercard, what with Indian Jewelry's noisy, industrial drone and Best Fwends' spastic, unpredictable dance- and art-punk

Which makes this deal all the sweeter: DOMAXXII-nominated booking agency Parade of Flesh, which is bringing this show to Trees, has been kind enough to offer one lucky DC9 reader quite the treat: a pair of tickets to this show and two screen-prints of the above poster. Want in on that action? OK. Just be the very first person to email me, starting right now, with the words "Lightning Strikes Twice!" in the subject line and the prize pack is yours. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winner!

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