Giveaway: Fifteen Pairs of Passes to the Tomorrow's DOMAXXII Showcase...

You already know the deal: The Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase takes over Deep Ellum tomorrow with 46 bands on seven stages for 10 hours (starting at 4 p.m.). Wristbands are $10 a pop--you can get them here--and, let's face it, for a number of reasons, that's a hell of a deal.

But, c'mon, with this being our event and all, you didn't think we'd end the week by giving away just the same few measly number of tickets we do to shows other venues and organizers put on, did you? Of course not.

Which is why, from now until 5:30 p.m., there will be an envelope at the front reception desk at our offices (on the seventh floor of 2501 Oak Lawn Ave.) with the words DOMAXXII Secret Stash on it. Inside, there are 15 pairs of free DOMAXXII Showcase passes. Want one of them? OK: Just roll up to the offices and ask our receptionist for "a pair of DOMA wristbands from the Secret Stash." She'll hand out a pair of tickets to each person who asks until they're gone.

So come get 'em!

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