Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets To The Paper Chase at The Granada Theater Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, the local heroes of all things angst and angularity, The Paper Chase, will take to the stage at the Granada Theater to perform a pseudo-release show for its new (and quite fantastic) Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 1, a disc Jesse Hughey dutifully and quite capably covered in this week's print edition. Take a listen to the lead single from the disaster-centric disc, "What Should We Do With Your Body (The Lightning)"...

About as intelligently spastic and disturbingly arranged as any Paper Chase song I can recall. And the disc is chock full of gems like that one. It's a keeper, folks--and one to keep in mind come year-end list-making time.

Joining The Paper Chase on this bill tomorrow night is sometimes-local indie hip-hopper Astronautalis (whose last record, the great Pomegranate, was produced by Paper Chase frontman John Congleton) and Austrian rock act Valina (which has shared many a bill with The Paper Chase on its European tours). Should be a good one.

Want in? OK. Shoot me an email with "Someday, All These Tickets Could Be Mine"in the subject line, and, if you're one of the first five to do so, you'll walk with a pair of tickets. Good luck.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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