Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Trail of Dead Show at The Loft

Eight years removed from its breakout album, Austin's

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

is still riding high off the success of its 2002 release,

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, the disc that thrust the band into indie rock superstardom, thanks to near-universal praise and acclaim.

The band's three follow-up releases haven't found the band completely capturing that same magic--perhaps an impossible task--although each has featured moments enough to keep the band relevant in today's rock world. Last year's The Century of Self at least came close to finding the band return to form; our own Jesse Hughey said the disc "recaptured the energy that created the band's breakout release."

And, though the band's no longer prone to rebellious onstage antics (at least not in recent Dallas shows), it's still moving forward in interesting ways: The band's promised a new release in 2011, which will be accompanied by a comic book. And, tomorrow night at The Loft, the band kicks off a short tour that, it hopes, will inspire people to rally against the Tea Party candidates in this year's mid-term elections. So, don't fret, Trail of Dead fans: This band's still as ambitious as ever.

You can see that much for yourself at tomorrow night's show--and possibly for free, since the kind folks at the venue have offered up five free pairs of tickets for us to hand out to DC9 readers. Want one of the pairs? Hit the jump to find out how to win.

Just be among the first five people to email me, starting right now, with the words "Campaign Trail" in the subject line, and you're in. It's that easy. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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