Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tickets to Tonight's Bobby Bare Jr. Show At The Longhorn Saloon

A few months ago, much of the Observer's SXSW posse closed out the mess by catching Bobby Bare Jr. in a pretty empty barroom on the second floor above Sixth Street. With his always-straining voice, smart lyrics and easy turns from folk to all-out rocking, he was a breath of fresh country air after throwing elbows and getting sweated on all week.

His cover of "Where Is My Mind?" More than worth the price of admission; same goes for his ruminations on the music business and his songs peppered with Texas tributes (only not, you know, in a Pat Green kind of way).

Which is all to say, he's worth seeing live if you ever get the chance -- and guess what? DC9 might even be able to help out in that regard. As if you needed an excuse to make a Friday night jaunt to Fort Worth, we've got three pairs of tickets to tonight's show at the Longhorn Saloon.

Before Fred Bizkit freezes everybody's mind -- or before too many other folks write in -- drop me an email with the subject line "Uh Wuh Oh," and the evening with Mr. Bare Jr. is all yours.

Contest is over -- congrats to our winners.

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