Giveaway: Three Pairs Of Tickets To Tonight's Dandy Warhols Gig at The Granada

The above streaming cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird" comes courtesy of The Dandy Warhols, who, as Darryl Smyers noted in his interview with the band in last week's print edition, were kinda obligated to cover the song as soon as Michael Jackson passed away. And it's not all that bad of a verison, I say. Or, at least, better than I expected.

But, surely, it's more timely than the band could've realized. At midnight--or probably right around the time the band finishes its set at the Granada Theater (which, we know, isn't likely to include the above cover)--Beatles fans will see a remastered release of the band's catalog.

Anyway, that's my clunky set-up for this news: The Granada just kindly passed along three pairs of tickets for us to hand out to DC9 readers looking to score a free entry into tonight's show. Want a pair? Hit me up with an email, and put "Fine and Dandy" in the subject line. If you're one of the first three to do so, you're in like Flynn. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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Pete Freedman
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