Giveaway: Two Pairs Of Tickets To Catch Cotton Jones and Sabra Laval At The Hydrant Tonight

Tonight, at the Hydrant Cafe, Spune Productions has booked a performance from the Maryland-based Cotton Jones--check 'em out performing in the above in-studio clip for the Seattle based radio station KEXP.

Theirs is an interesting sound, combining elements of lo-fi, ambience, pop, psychedelia and folk into a strange, but certainly alluring, melange. Until recently, the band was known as The Cotton Jones Basket Ride, which further explains the spacey, trippy aspects of the sound. But, alas, the band has shortened its name to be more easily remembered, I imagine. Seems to be paying off, though: NPR and Rolling Stone both approve of the band's new LP, Paranoid Cocoon.

Oh, and joining the band on this bill, making it all the more intriguing? Denton's own Sabra Laval, whose voice is something of a heart-stopper and is every bit deserving of its Best Female Vocalist nomination on the DOMA XXI ballot.

So, yeah, this should be a nice way to enjoy your Monday evening. And, thanks to the folks at Spune, we've got two pairs of tickets to the show to pass out to a couple lucky readers. Want 'em? OK, then: Email me right now with the phrase "Jonesing for The Hydrant" in the headline, and, if you're one of the first two to do so, we'll hook you up. Good luck!

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Pete Freedman
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