Giveaway: Two Pairs Of Tickets To See The Gourds Tomorrow Night at the Granada Theater

First time I interviewed

The Gourds

' Kevin Russell I asked him, of


, about his band's "Gin and Juice" cover. I think it's a requirement actually. Fair enough: The band's had some great moments--and probably more musically impressive ones--over the course of its career, but there's little doubt that "Gin and Juice," its re-appropriation of the Snoop Dogg classic stands as its pop cultural high-water mark. Even Snoop approves, as you can see in the above clip.

Funny thing is, for the longest time, it wasn't always credited as their song. The song rose to popularity in the Napster era--and, more often than not, was credited as being by another artist. First time I heard it, actually, I was under the impression that it was by Phish. not sure why--stylistically, it doesn't make sense. But, whatever, that's what we were dealing with during the Napster era, teenagers. And what The Gourds were dealing with, too.

Thankfully, these days, most people know where to credit this countrified take of that hip-hop classic. And you can be sure that the band will play it tomorrow night when they play the Granada Theater.

And you and a friend can see them for free if you're one of the first two people to email me right now with the words "Gin and Juice" in the subject line right now--thanks to the fine folks at the Granada, who're providing the hook-up. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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