Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets To Tomorrow Night's Akron/Family, Warpaint and Matthew & The Arrogant Sea Show at the Granada

Here's the thing about Akron/Family: I'd never really even listened to the band before last year's SXSW, when I caught the very performance posted above. Here's what I wrote at the time:
I'd never seen Akron/Family live before. Now I think I want to see them live every day for the rest of my life. You know when you see a show and there comes a point where you just give in and commit to the fact that you're really enjoying yourself? For me, that came during the band's performance of the chant-y and high-energy "Ed Is A Portal". From there on out, I was pretty much [putty] in the hands of the band's freak-y, worldly, frenetic, folk- and world-influenced sound.
It was a beast of a set. I was totally blown away. And I expect the same to happen tomorrow night when the band is joined by tourmates Warpaint and Denton's closest thing to Akron/Family, Matthew & The Arrogant Sea--which is why we're stoked that the fine folks at the Granada Theater have offered up two pairs of tickets for us to hand out to lucky DC9 readers. It's pretty simple: First two people to email me with the words "Akron Zips!" in the subject line each get a pair. Good luck!

Contest is over. Congrats to our winners.

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Pete Freedman
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