Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets to Tonight's Mark Growden Show at the Kessler Theatre

When outsider troubadour

Mark Growden

rolled through the region back in January,

Jesse Hughey previewed the show

--quite excitedly, I might add. Wrote Hughey:

Mark Growden creates the kind of rich, evocative, cabaret-noir-Americana that thousands of Tom Waits imitators would give their porkpie hats to be able to write. Continue reading...

Or, in other words: Dude's the real deal. Check out the above clip of him performing Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" at his performance in March at the Kessler Theatre for more proof.

Tonight, Growden returns to the Oak Cliff theater for a gig--this time sharing the stage with area jazz act the Bill Longhorse Trio. Should make for quite the night. Especially since we can get you in for free.

The folks at the Kessler have been kind enough to pass along two pairs of tickets to tonight's show. Want one? Hit me up with an email right now with the words "Growden Proud" in the subject line. If you're among the first two to do so, you're in for free tonight. Good luck!

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