Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets to Tonight's of Montreal Show at The Granada Theater

In this week's paper, Daniel Rodrigue catches up with founding

of Montreal

member Bryan Poole and

gets to the nitty gritty of the band's dynamics

behind enigmatic frontman Kevin Barnes.

"It's not a normal band now," Poole concedes. "It's not a democratically creative band. It's Kevin's band. They're his ideas. They're his songs."

Frustrating for any band members not named Barnes? Maybe. But not really. Because, you see, as both Rodrigue and Poole point out (and, as Poole himself reiterates in the story's online comment section), whatever the band is doing is working. And though tonight's show might be a scaled-back affair when compared to the band's 2008 show at the House of Blues, it still should be a good one. In fact, Poole even guarantees as much. No, really. (He also calls opening act Noot d' Noot his "favorite band out of Atlanta.")

So, yeah, we're pretty excited, then, that our friends at the Granada Theater have hooked us up with a couple of pairs of tickets to hand out to tonight's nearly sold-out affair. Want one of the pairs? OK: Just be among the first people to email me right now with the words "Are You The Destroyer?" in the subject line and you're in. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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