Giveaway: Two Pairs To Club Dada's NYE Show With Cas Haley

Club Dada owner Ben Tapia called up DC9 HQ last night with a pretty sweet deal for readers still looking for something to do for New Year's tomorrow night: There's all sorts of stuff happening there (free Daddy Jack's, champagne, etc.) and performances from Cas Haley and Scott McCurry and others. It's $20 to get in if you buy your tix at Frontgate today, $25 if you get them at Dada tomorrow, or, get this, free if you get them right here, right now.

Tapia's giving two DC9 readers free admission to the show, and he and Cas Haley are throwing in some extra goodies for the four people who get in via this little contest--like a free Cas Haley t-shirts and CD to walk with. It all adds up to like a $60 value per person.

So, here's how this will work: First two people to email me with "Haley New Year" in the subject line get the tickets for them and a friend, the t-shirts, and the CDs. Starting right now. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners. --Pete Freedman

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Pete Freedman
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