Good Friday: Awkquarius, The Make Believers, The Harlequins, Collin Herring, Flickerstick's Final Show, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Glen Farris

It's weekend time, fair readers. Here's your schedule of events...

First, as always, the shows we've already spoken on...

Tonight seems to be the biggest hotbed of action: Radiant*, Salim Nourallah, Menkena and Winslow Bright play the Granada; Big Red Rooster and Sublime cover act Badfish take to the House of Blues; Automorrow releases its disc at the Ridglea in Fort Worth; and The Me-Thinks, Bastardos de Sancho and Stag Film hit up the Double Wide. Also, some band called AC/DC plays the AAC. And their opener, The Answer, plays the House of Blues' Pontiac Garage at sometime around midnight.

As for Saturday, um, we haven't mentioned anything to do on Saturday yet, so stay tuned there's the Brett Dennen and Erin McCarley show at The Loft.

And, on Sunday, there's the special acoustic show at the Granada featuring Los Lonely Boys and Del Castillo.

Now onto the best o' the rest...

Friday, January 23, at Rubber Gloves in Denton
Gotta give Pikahsso and Tahiti credit: The long-time Dallas rappers love what they do and they're not gonna let a little PPT break-up keep them from hyping up a crowd and getting you in party mode. It's always a good time when these two take over the PA.

A.M. Ramblers, The O's, The Make Believers
Friday, January 23, at Andy's Bar in Denton

As far as shows not featuring AC/DC this weekend, this is looking like the best bill of the weekend--which is a knock on the weekend, not on this collection of talented acts. The A.M. Ramblers play as traditional Americana as you're likely to find around any region, let alone North Texas, The O's keep thing poppy and bluegraas influence with their stripped down set-up and the Make Believers are just a bunch fo badass musicians, really, coming together to make some phenomenal jangly rock 'n' roll.

The Harlequins, Cruiserweight, Here Holy Spain
Friday, January 23, at Club Dada

Idol Records' most recent signee, the post-punk act Here Holy Spain, opens up this bill for two Austin bands, the more interesting of which (The Harlequins) also goes by another name: The Honeybears--as in Black Joe Lewis' backing band. Or not. An email from one of band members' brothers clarifies the situation: The two bands only share one member.

Collin Herring, Obsolete Queers, One Lone Car
Friday, January 23, at Lola's on Sixth in Fort Worth

I'd be lying if I said I knew too much about the two other acts on the bill, but you shouldn't ever need much of an excuse to check out Collin Herring's folk-y, hell-and-back storytelling brand of music. Also: This evening marks the first anniversary for Lola's on Sixth (as its now being called thanks to the opening of Lola's Stockyard). Actually, given the fact that a google search turns up this, well, you might be able to skip the next show listed...

Flickerstick's final show, with special guests Calhoun, Holy Moly, Stella Rose
Saturday, January 24, at House of Blues

Kinda an ecelectic bill on this night, but what the hell, give 'em a break: This is Flickestick's final show ever, and they can book like nutjobs if they want to. Well, the Calhoun bit makes sense because Tim Locke's been in both bands since 2006--but otherwise, I'm lost. Whatever. Scattershot bill aside, this should actually be quite the affair; Flickerstick hasn't played around town in some time, but this final show should be packed as, even if fans don't remember the band from playing around the scene, they likely rememebr it as the winning band on VH1's Bands on the Run reality competition.

History At Our Disposal, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Bridges & Blinking Lights
Saturday, January 24, at the Chat Room Pub in Fort Worth

Three of our region's better oddball indie acts--all with extremely and unneccessarily long band names--get together on this quite interesting bill. Perhaps I spoke too soon when I called that Friday Night show at Andy's the best non-AC/DC bill around this weekend...

The King Bucks, The Orbans, Glen Farris
Saturday, January 24, at Lola's Stockyards

You should know quite well the badass country covering and original song stylings of the King Bucks by now. And, hell, you probably know the Orbans, too--although, likely by their old name, the Lifters. But, if I may, the highlight on this nice-=looking bill could be Glen Farris. You've likely seen plenty of Lance Yocom's right-hand man at Spune Productions over the past few years as you've watched him capably back Doug burr's sets around town..but have you caught his solo act yet? It's good--real good.

Got more? Throw 'em in the comments. Otherwise, be safe out thurr.

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