Good Friday: Damaged Good$, Daniel Folmer, Vital Remains, The Pretenders, Here Holy Spain, Jayson Bales, 100 Damned Guns, Black Tie Dynasty, Bastardos de Sancho, Hospital Ships

Welcome to another weekly installment of Good Friday. A couple big shows happening this weekend--some we've talked about already, some we haven't. First, as always, the one's we have mentioned before...

Tonight in Denton, catch the Starlight Mints show at Hailey's. In Fort Worth, you should be heading to the Longhorn Saloon for the Heartless Bastards gig. In Dallas, your go-to stop just might the the Dem Southernfolkz gig at the Liquid Lounge.

On Saturday, Denton's playing host to the Heartless Bastard's second gig in the region, this one at Hailey's. Then there's The O's' mural unveiling in Deep Ellum, followed by the band's gig later that night with The Orbans and Tall Cotton String Band at the Double Wide. Also, there's the Hardin Sweaty show at the Liquid Lounge, Gutterth's art and music "Waving Hands" showcase at RGRS in Denton with the newly christened Sleep Whale and others and the Cut*Off's gig with Salim Nourallah and The Slack at LBG.

And, on Sunday, there's the Delta Spirit show at HOB.

Now, the best of the rest... which, you'll note, doesn't include Fujiya and Miyagi at House of Blues. That's been canceled for some time now, unfortunately.

Damaged Good$, Genova, Mikey Rodge
Friday, Feb. 27, at The Cavern

DMG$'s Trak and Cool canceled their first performance after returning from a tour in Europe, which, in effect, turns this one into the duo's first since returning, I believe. Should make for a sweaty, dance-heavy good time as the hipster-hoppers are bound to pack 'em in tight and get the crowd moving tonight at this Cavern show. A see and be seen show? Maybe, but that doesn't mean it won't be a good time, right? And keep an eye out for my column on the duo and its new disc next week.

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Daniel Folmer, Elkhart, Rahim Quazi and the Supernaturals
Friday, Feb. 27, at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth

Kind of an interesting bill here of singer-songwriter fare. Of the three, I'd say Folmer's the one to see, but Elkhart ain't all that bad (despite what Jesse Hughey had to say about its disc recently) as low-key indie folk/pop goes. Frontman Travis Elkhart's got a soothing whisper-sing thing going for him. And some people really like Quazi's stuff. A little more low-key than most weekend show's at Lola's, though...

Vital Remains, Macabre, Kill the Client, Cunthammer, Creophagy, Psychiatric Regurgitation
Friday, Feb. 27, at Reno's Chop Shop Saloon

Speaking of low-key: You know what won't be? This show at Reno's, which, actually, is a pretty incredible get for the modestly sized bar. Vital Remains and Macabre are both well-known long-timers on the death metal circuit, and both are about as brutal as they come. Plus, the number of local supporters on this bill pretty much guarantee that this is gonna be a busy, crowded affair.

The Pretenders
Friday, Feb. 27, at House of Blues

For 28 long years, the Pretenders have been puting out records--which is imperssive enough. But even more impressive? Chrissie Hynde's still fronting the damn thing, which is near unheard of in today's senior circuit 9not meant as a slight, just a statement of fact). Last year, the seminal British new wave group released its ninth record, Break Up The Concrete, so the creativity--or at least the ghost of it--is still lurking here.

Here Holy Spain, Dead Twins, Peacemaker, A Revolution of Kings
Friday, Feb. 27, at Prophet Bar

The latest in a pretty impressive line of local shows the Prophet Bar's been hosting of late. Here Holy Spain is still riding high on the release of its newest disc (Manic), which I'll have a review of in either next week's or the following week's paper. Dead Twins, meanwhile is currently recording its sophomore release. And Peacemaker's a pretty no-frills rock act along the lines of most wannabe Edge-ers, but with a little more grit, maybe? They've got a new EP due out later this month. Not a bad option if you're looking to rock out this evening.

Jayson Bales, Eastwood
Friday, Feb. 27, at Opening Bell Mosaic

Bales left town a while back, right? Well, it sure seems like he's always around, doesn't it? Oh well, his singer-songwriter fare gets paired with Eastwood's alt-country fare on this bill. Eastwood's a little rowdy, I imagine, compaired to most Opening Bell acts, so it might be interesting to see how this one plays out. Still, I imagine that, like most Opening Bell gigs, it's still an older, lower-key option for the night.

100 Damned Guns, Tejas Brothers
Saturday, Feb. 28, at Lola's Stockyards in Fort Worth

Pretty much exactly the type of show I expected to be booked to Lola's Stockyards back when Lance Yocom first told me about this space opening up--which is basically to say that it's a country-tinged affair that is most likely aimed at just bringing in the crowds already out in the Stockyards. Either way, these are two of the more impressive acts in the region that aren't quite country, but hang out along the borders of the genre.

Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, Radiant, Odis, The Always Ready
Saturday, Feb. 28, at Longhorn Saloon in Forth Worth

This bill, filled with radio-friendly acts, serves as BTD's final Fort Worth date. Not really my cup of tea, for the most part--I'm not too keen on retreads, you know--but I imagine there'll be a good crowd at this one, regardless. Oh well.

Ghoultown, Bastardos de Sancho, Wednesday 13, Dommin
Saturday, Feb, 28, at Club Dada

Dada's been getting some heavier fare of late--much thanks, I believe, to bar manager Wes Garret's tastes. And this bill's a testament to that. Speaking of Wes, he's pretty high on the Bastardos de Sancho. I haven't seen the act, which is comprised partially of Mitra's members, I'm told, but this proves a decent opportunity to do so.

Bosque Brown, Hospital Ships, Fight Bite
Sunday, March 1, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

OK, finally. This bill--bar none, folks--is the most impressive of the weekend, and a hell of a way to finish the weekend off, even if it's a really mish-mash lineup because none of these bands really match up. But they're all pretty great in their own right. You already know Fight Bite and that band's dream-pop. And you should already know Bosque Brown, which, fronted by Mara Lee MIller, offers a beautiful blend of country-tinged singer song-writer material with some gospel, soul and girl group influences. We've got a profile on Miller for next week's paper, by the way. But what's surprising is that, somehow, Lawrence, Kansas' Hospital Ships has found its way onto this bill. The indie rock act stole the show from both Sunset Rubdown and Fight Bite when it shared the bill with those acts at the Granada a few weeks back, and its profile has been rising--both in-house at DC9 and elsewhere--ever since. This is can't-miss stuff, folks.

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