Good Friday: Descender, Dana Harper, RTB2, Red, Dust Congress, Telegraph Canyon, Ishi, Red Hot Poker, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Wayne Hancock, Ugly Mus-tard, The Burning Hotels, The Happy Bullets and Teenage Cool Kids

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No need to pussyfoot around the berrybush here, folks, let's juts dive right in. As the great Dylan McKay was known for saying, "You know the drill."

First, the shows we've already discussed.

Tonight's got some heavy-hitters: The Paper Chase, True Widow and The Boom Boom Box share a crazy bill at Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum; meanwhile, up in Denton, Sarah Jaffe, Robert Gomez and Seryn will help you find God during a performance at St. David's Episcopal Church.

Tomorrow night, Doug Burr and The Fox & The Bird share a bill at AllGood Cafe. And out in the Fort, Bridges & Blinking Lights will debut some of their new songs for a gig at The Moon.

Finally, Sunday sees The Goodie Mob reuniting at the House of Blues. And, at the Phoenix Project, the no-really-experimental No Idea Festival makes its move from Fort Worth to Dallas.

As for other options? I've got them--plenty, too--but because I like to play this coy game of push and pull, I'm gonna make you jump for 'em.

Descender, The Cush
Friday, Jan. 15, at the Double Wide

This is, I think, Descender's second live show ever. Mostly a studio project from former Burden Brother Casey Hess, this alt-rock outfit made its debut at the Toadies' Dec. 30 show at Trees.

Dana Harper
Friday, Jan. 15, at Granada Theater

The daughter of respected former NBA player Ron Harper, Dana Harper makes her live area debut tonight at what will serve as her CD release show. As for the sound, it's pretty much R&B with some jazz influence. Jesse Hughey listened to it for us, and he tells me she's a pretty impressive singer and that the disc is somewhat interesting, if a little over-produced, for someone so young (she's 19).

RTB2, Luna Matto, PVC Street Gang, New Fumes
Friday, Jan. 15, at The Cavern

Because, really, what's a weekend without us imploring you to check out RTB2's heroic live show if you still haven't. This show serves as a fine chance for you to do so, featuring the Polyphonic Spree's Luna Matto, weiro punk rockers PVC Street Gang and a new Oak Cliff-based act, New Fumes. Can't make it tonight? Catch the same bill tomorrow (but with New Fumes swapped out for Mississippi touring act Come On Go With Us) at Hailey's Club in Denton.

Red, The Wedding, Me In Motion
Friday, Jan. 15, at The Door Dallas

As christian metal goes, Red's actually pretty solid, even if it stands as one of the least google-able band names in history. Expect a big crowd at this one. So, if you're not checking out this show and still bumming around Deep Ellum tonight, you'd probably be best served to avoid the 7-Eleven unless you want to be over-run by teens who've just had their faces melted. I've been there. it's not a pretty sight.

Dust Congress, Chris Welch, Kody Jackson
Friday, Jan. 15, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

After bolting to pursue various work opportunities, all of Dust Congress' members are back in town tonight--and, thus, you've got yourself a fine chance to catch one of the most heart-breaking folk acts around. Seriously, it's like frontman Nick Foreman is singing right to your soul, man.

Telegraph Canyon, Chatterton, Glen Farris
Friday, Jan. 15, at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this show is serving as Chatterton's CD release. And, if it is, good on them: Gotta be nice to be paired with area favorites Telegraph Canyon (who I heard on the stereo at the Idle Rich Pub last night, go figure) and Glen Farris.

Ishi, Big J
Friday, Jan. 15, at Plush Basement

Probably the big dance show of the weekend, as this show features the fast-rising (and super catchy) Ishi performing at DJ Big J's new weekly night at Plush (and it also happens to be his birthday, I think). J will no doubt be spinning his carefully selected hip-hop favorites. And, if you're lucky, Ishi will cover The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian." Seriously, it's one of the best covers you'll see by any band this year. Trust me on that.

Red Hot Poker, Springbreak '89, Andre The Giant's Bowel
Friday, Jan. 15, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

Former Little Grizzly member Colin Carter is jumping town in the immediate future, and this show's serving as his giogn away party. Originally, Record Hop was supposed to be on this bill, but for whatever reason, backed out. Pity, too, as it was the only band going by it's real name on it. So, can't say for sure who these other bands are, really, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when these secret performers reveal their identities on stage at this show.

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Seth James, Lincoln Durham
Saturday, Jan. 15, at the Granada Theater

Because, dammit, we live in Texas.

Wayne "The Train" Hancock
Saturday, Jan. 15, at Sons of Hermann Hall

See above.

Ugly Mus-tard, Mitra, The Better Death, Lame
Saturday, Jan. 16, at Trees

A pretty nice-looking bill of all-local metal scene vets coming together at Trees on Saturday night. Ugly Mus-tard, you may recall, reunited for a stint of shows in 2009. Looks like they've caught the bug again, though, huh?

Billy Radcliff & The New Economy, The Polycorns, The Burning Hotels
Saturday, Jan. 16, at The Boiler Room in Denton

Can't say I know a lick about Billy Radcliff and his New Economy--couldn't even find a MySpace page--but the rest of the bill here's real solid, with the oh-so-catchy, Strokes-like pop-punk of Fort Worth's The Burning Hotels and the indie piano-pop of Caleb Campbell's Denton-based Polycorns outfit.

The Happy Bullets, Here Holy Spain, Lovie, Drawn by Jaymz
Sunday, Jan, 16, at The Double Wide

The Happy Bullets, last I heard, are inching ever-so-closely to putting out a new record, which is pretty damn cool, as we still can't get "The Vice and Virtue Ministry" out of our heads. Here, the band is joined by two local favorites on vastly different ends of the punk realm: Here Holy Spain, which keeps it pretty visceral, and Lovie, which is mor in the vein of Josie and The Pussycats (and I mean that as a compliment, really).

Teenage Cool Kids, Bad Sports, Follow That Bird, Dikes of Holland, Tre Orsi
Sunday, Jan. 16, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

Surely, by now, you're sick of us raving about the Denton punk scene and, specifically, Teenage Cool Kids and Bad Sports. Well, maybe we'd slow our roll if you went out and saw what you're missing. This is a beast of a bill, and, seriously folks, Teenage Cool Kids' Foreign Lands is worth every drop of praise we've soaked it in. Go. To. This. Show.

...and there you go. Be safe out there, folks.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.