Good Friday: Elton John & Leon Russell, Calhoun, The Orbans, Celtic Thunder, Senses Fail, Bayside, Miniature Tigers, The Dandy Warhols, The Felice Brothers, David Allan Coe, The Derailers, Hed PE and More!

The biggest show coming to town this weekend is, without a doubt, Elton John and Leon Russell at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Saturday night. The two piano-playing legends of yesteryear have teamed up on a new album called The Union. And with producer T-Bone Burnett at the helm, big things are expected of this musical partnership, which is why they're currently touring across the US.

But if a couple of old dudes playing dueling pianos isn't for you, here are some more of this weekend's shows, starting with the ones we've been talking about all week.

Tonight, Calhoun, The O's, and The Orbans will be at The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff, and Seryn, Darcy, North Of Autumn will be at La Grange. Celtic Thunder's name will say it all at Grand Prairie's Verizon Theatre. Meanwhile, at The Prophet Bar, Senses Fail will be co-headlining along with Bayside, and Freelance Whales and Miniature Tigers will be at The Loft.

On Saturday, Carrie Rodriguez will be at The Kessler Theater. The Dandy Warhols will be at Granada Theater along with Hopewell, and The Felice Brothers, and Adam Haworth Stevens will be at The Loft.

Hit the jump for more of this weekend's shows.

Blixaboy, The Angelus, Blake Ward, Gabe Mendoza
Friday, November 12, at The Arcade Bar

Tonight's show at The Lakewood Theater's Arcade Bar is a rare one -- not because of the bands on the bill, but because The Arcade Bar isn't exactly known for live music. The lineup for tonight's show, however, is a great one, especially considering Blixaboy's recent collaboration with The Angelus singer Emil Rapstine on the track "Lion Eyes."

Sir Silky, Stew, Missle, DJ Mark Ridlen
Friday, November 12, at The Goat

We might need to name this the "bands in strange venues edition" of Good Friday, because The Goat is known for being a place to go for karaoke, not the hyperbolic glam stylings of Sir Silky. He's basically like an exaggerated Prince, with an awesome backing band.

David Allan Coe, The Dan Family, The Big Benders
Friday, November 12, at Trees

Chances are, if you have a rebel flag somewhere in your possession, you probably already know about this show. David Allan Coe is known for many things, and being an outlaw is on the top of the list. This should be quite a show, considering his participation with Rex Brown, Vinnie Paul and the late Dimebag Darryl from Pantera in the country metal band Rebel Meets Rebel.

Flashbulb Fires, Young & Brave, Savage and the Big Beat
Friday, November 12, at Green Elephant

This show is being thrown by local blog Subservient Experiment, and it features Denver-based melancholy indie-pop band Flashbulb Fires as the headliner.

Peopleodian, Manned Missiles, Ryan Thomas Becker
Saturday, November 13, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

Featuring all Denton bands in, well, Denton of course, this show will definitely be worth the drive. Between Peopleodian's electronic chamber pop, Manned Missiles garage pop, and Ryan Thomas Becker's gritty blues-inspired rock, this might be the best show going on in Little d on Saturday night.

Seryn, North Of Autumn, Will Roth & The Sound
Saturday, November 13, at Hailey's Club

Another Denton show that is definitely worth the drive north, is to see Denton's Seryn, whose earnest folk rock always makes for an emotionally charged show. Their music features great harmonies, huge build-ups, and even bigger releases.

Grassfight, Paper Robot, Yam
Sunday, November 14, at Dan's Silverleaf

Denton's rock band Grassfight has had a hard run over the last year, but things are starting to get better. The band landed a gig opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club just a few weeks ago, and put on an impressive show. On sunday, they'll bring their biting guitars and sinister hooks to Dan's Silverleaf.

Hed PE, Boondox, S.A.O., Secret Of Boris
Sunday, November 14, at Trees

If Run DMC hadn't teamed up with Aerosmith, this rap-rock thing never would've happened.

That's it from us. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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