Good Friday: Mike Dillon & Earl Harvin, Grassfight, The Phuss, Tera Melos, Black Tie Dynasty, Ishi, Bassnectar, Eisley, Sorta Dylan, Clint Black, Dignan & more

Earl Harvin
This weekend has some pretty interesting shows.

One of the most exciting is Jazz at The Kessler with The Mike Dillon & Earl Harvin Show at The Kessler Theater. Dallas drumming legend Earl Harvin makes his return to town after several years of living in Los Angeles and Berlin, with his longtime jazz percussion duo with local percussionist Mike Dillon in tow. To top it off, Oak Cliff avant-garde jazz family band Yells At Eels will open the show.

If you're not in the mood to see some good jazz this weekend, that's OK--we've still got plenty of other options for you. Check out these shows we mentioned earlier in the week...

On Friday, Grassfight perform at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with the help of Red 100's, Shakedown Alley, and The Gypsy Bravado, and at City Tavern, The Phuss and Damaged Good$ team up for a strange but awesome bill. Also, Tera Melos, Zorch, Man Factory and Computer Jesus Refrigerator will be at The Nightmare, and Raul Malo will be at the Granada Theater.

On Saturday, Black Tie Dynasty rides its post-retirement wave at Granada Theater along with Ishi and Hoyotoho, and San Fransisco's Bassnectar will be at Palladium Ballroom.

More of this weekend's shows are posted after the jump...

Friday, October 1, at Brewtones

Sure, this show's in Tyler, but for longtime fans curious to hear some of their new material, this is your first opportunity. If you can't wait until they play The Loft on November 27, then the two-hour drive to see these guys in an intimate venue will be well worth it.

Grant Jones & The Pistol Grip Lassos
Friday, October 1, at Adair's

Adair's is a great place to catch Grant Jones & The Pistol Grip Lassos. Their country-rock will flow seamlessly into the background of the best honky-tonk in Dallas.

Sorta Dylan, Solly
Friday, October 1, at All Good Cafe

Trey Carmichael & Trey Johnson, formerly of Sorta, will be joined by a whole bunch of local musicians as they play their favorite Bob Dylan songs. Doing Dylan justice is pretty difficult, but these guys seem up for the challenge.

Clint Black
Saturday, October 2, at Billy Bob's Texas

Did anyone else see Clint Black on Celebrity Apprentice? Hope he's better as a live performer than he is as an entrepreneur.

Pale Horse
Saturday, October 2, at The Cavern

Pale Horse's stadium sized hooks will easily fill the small room at The Cavern. If big choruses are your thing, make your way to Lower Greenville on Saturday night.

Dignan, Baruch The Scribe, Chasing The Muse
Sunday, October 3, at The Nightmare

I'm happy to give a nod to South Texas indie rockers Dignan for naming their band after one of my all-time favorite movie characters. Upon further investigation, their music is pretty good too. With Baruch The Scribe rounding out the bill, this will be a pretty solid show.

Chad Stockslager
Sunday, October 3, at La Grange

The King Bucks' witty keys-man Chad Stocklager is yet another good local artist playing a brunch set at La Grange.

That's it for us. Leave anything we missed in the comments and have a great weekend! 

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