Good Friday: Peter Murphy, Math the Band, Jeremy Fisher, Cas Haley, Solitude Aeturnus, Little Black Dress, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Band of Heathens, Forever Sunday, Brave Combo, Les Americains, Red Collar, Steve Earle, Affliction Summer Slaughter Tour, Chuck Raga

Weekend's here. Rock 'n' roll and party time. Let's dive right in. First, the shows we've already hipped you to this week...

Tonight at the House of Blues, the Meat Puppets will toss you into a "Lake of Fire." Also, up in Denton, there's the Mothfight!, Florene and Red Faced Laughter show at Bee's Manor.

Meanwhile, Saturday's a particularly busy night around town: Ear PWR plays the DIY-run Handsome Kitten; Lions will melt faces at Fort Worth's Longhorn Saloon; Telepathe will get in your head at Denton's Hailey's Club; B-Real and Bizzy Bone will bring their '90s hip-hop stylings to Purgatory (not The Max as originally planned); and, lest we forget, some kids who live in Westlake are playing some show at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Also: Justin Bua will be in town to showcase his hip-hop-centric art work.

Now, the shows we haven't yet discussed. Oh, joy! But first, let's jump.

Peter Murphy
Friday, June 19, at the Lakewood Theater

Because, well, the guy used to front Bauhaus, for one.

Math The Band, Fishboy, Giggle Party
Friday, June 19, at the Annex House

If geeks with energy ruled the world, every show on Earth would feature a lineup of geeky dance, pop and punk acts like these. Providence's Math The Band is like the locals in Giggle Party, but with a synth: high energy, dance-y, punk-influenced music. Meanwhile, Denton's endearingly nerdy-voiced Fishboy has a new disc of indie pop-rock goodness coming out in the very near future--but more on that next week. Also, not to belabor the point, but have you seen Giggle Party's new video?

Xavier Rudd, Jeremy Fisher
Friday, June 19, at House of Blues

Aussie multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd is known for putting on a good live show, but I'm more into checking out Jeremy Fisher given the two. The Canadian singer-songwriter's like a poor man's modern Paul Simon; his 2007 release Goodbye Blue Monday features some rock-solid indie-pop... just like the video embedded atop this post.

The O's
Friday, June 19, at The Libertine

Taylor Young and John Pedigo will be performing a free gig tonight at the Best Damn Bar In Town. And they're calling it "The Hometown Bro-Down." True to form, I'd say.

Cas Haley, Dan Dyer, Josh Weathers
Friday, June 19, at the Granada Theater

Cas is still riding high from his America's Got Talent days, and maybe rightfully so. Get past the fact that it's reggae rock that he plays, and, well, it's enjoyable enough stuff. Especially when you see him having such a good time performing.

Solitude Aeturnus, Shadow Reichenstein, Westwall, Mitra, Dog Company, Awen
Friday, June 19, at Club Dada

Melt your face Club Dada? OK, let's go with it. A deep local metal lineup here, featuring Solitude Aeturnus, which rarely plays locally anymore now that frontman Robert Lowe is also fronting Swedish doom metal band Candlemass.

Little Black Dress, Ishi, Sparklepussy Barbie, Romp Almighty
Friday, June 19, at The Prophet Bar

A solid all-local lineup gathered to celebrate Little Black Dress' release of its debut disc, Snow in June.

DJ Jazzy Jeff (DJ set)
Friday, June 19, at Plush

Here it is, the groove, slightly transformed...

Band of Heathens, The Orbans, Kirby Brown, Chatterton
Friday, June 19, at The Moon in Fort Worth

I think it's fair to say that Austin's Band of Heathen couldn't really put together a more interesting all-DFW bill of up-and-coming roots- and country-influenced acts than this one if it knew any better.

Forever Sunday
Saturday, June 20, at The Spin at Carson's Live

The music's terrible, but you may know the frontman of this local modern rock band as "6 Gauge" from VH1's Daisy of Love, which is maybe the worst show I've ever seen on television. So, yeah, go for it.

Brave Combo
Saturday, June 20, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

Next week, the polka stars from Denton come to Dallas for a Saturday night gig at Sons of Hermann Hall, celebrating 30 years of existence. Impressive stuff--and we'll have a story on the band in next week's paper about that gig. In the meantime, you can catch a preview of the whole ordeal tonight up in the Little D.

Les Americains, The Sideshow Tragedy, Dragna
Saturday, June 20, at City Tavern

My favorite part of Les Americains is that the band has frenched up its name--but plays Brit rock-influenced songs? Sure, it's an international clusterfuck, but the band also features former members of [DARYL], so it works. Sideshow Tragedy from Austin, meanwhile, plays some pretty balls-to-the-wall rock.

Red Collar, The Daily Beat
Saturday, June 21, at The Double Wide

I'll admit that I knew nothing about North Carolina's Red Collar until the band's publicist reached out to us a few weeks back, and that, for the most part, that's a terrible way to discover new stuff. But Red Collar's stuff is actualyl pretty good, culling equal influences from punk, Springsteen, The Replacements and '90s rock. With the band out on the road now in support of it's just-released Pilgrim album, this is probably the total wildcard show of the weekend. But, y'know what? I'll probably check it out--because, really, why the hell not? Plus, I'm in need of a Double Wide fix. Denton's The Daily Beat opens.

Steve Earle, Joe Pug
Sunday, June 21, at the Lakewood Theater

Because it's Steve Earle, duh.

Affliction Summer Slaughter Tour
Sunday, June 21, at House of Blues

I'll be honest: Other than After the Burial, I don't really recognize most of the band names on this bill. But I'm sure they sound every bit like what you would expect out of a group of bands playing an Affliction-sponsored summer music tour.

Chuck Ragan (of Hot Water Music), Here Holy Spain (acoustic), Backyard Tire Fire, Andrew Strickland (of The Semifinals)
Sunday, June 21, at The Prophet Bar

Last fall, Ragan brought a punk-frontmen-doing-solo-acoustic-sets show to the Prophet Bar. Now he's back, still playing solo, but also flying solo. Credit to whoever booked the openers, though: Hearing local hard rockers Here Holy Spain acoustic might be kinda cool.

...and that's your weekend. As always, feel free to add more in the comments.

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