Good Friday: Pikahsso, Nellie McKay, The Theater Fire, The Lashouts, Here in Arms, Black Tooth BBQ and Bash, And More...

Here in Arm's Brett Engel stands proud.

Hey, look at that, it's the weekend, already. And, again, a lot going on music-wise.

We already told you about tonight's Valient Thorr/Early Man show at Dada, tonight's Ariel Pink show at Hailey's, tomorrow night's New Frontiers show at the Granada, tomorrow night's Brooks Williams and Kat Eggleston show at Uncle Calvin's, tomorrow night's free Titus Andronicus show at the Lounge on Elm Street's soft opening and, of course, there's this little metal shindig called Ozzfest that's happening all day tomorrow in Frisco.

(Also: The good people behind our Night & Day section hepped us all to the Shakey Amy benefit at Dada on Saturday, too.)

But there's always more, isn't there? Yep, so here's the best of the rest:

Tahiti, Pikahsso, Headkrack and Genova Friday, August 8, at The Cavern You'd never really guess it--I dunno, maybe 'cause of the club's usual, more indie-inclined fare--but the few times I've seen hip-hop roll through The Cavern, it's always made for a good time. A large amount of that credit goes to the proximity between the artists and the crowd; and at hip-hop shows, where the artist isn't bogged down by a stage filled with instruments, that closeness is only amplified. At tonight's bill of local hip-hop heavyweights, anticipate a lighthearted affair--with plenty of dancefloor direction coming from the always-cheery, alway-encouraging, always-entertaining Pikahsso, who, despite how prolific he may be when it comes to churning out tracks, might the best hype man in Dallas.

Nellie McKay Friday, August 8, at The Loft Nellie McKay's a bit out there. She sings little pop ditties with dark undertones, be they about love or more irreverent her dog. Still, it makes for an undoubtedly entertaining affair when she performs, if only because of its oddball nature. Plus, I had to put her show in here because my mom's a big fan and her birthday was yesterday. (Hi, mom!)

The Theater Fire, Ralph White Friday, August 8, at Lee Harvey's Everyone's favorite Fort Worth-based folk/Americana noir act, The Theater Fire, has a new album on the way, and we're anticipating it pretty hard here at the Observer. Tonight's Lee Harvey's gig should provide the band the perfect atmosphere for the band's down-home sound. Same for tomorrow night's gig at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton.

The Great Tyrant, The Frenz, Yells At Eels, Rocket for Ethiopia Friday, August 8, at Lola's, Fort Worth Clubs editor Jesse Hughey's pretty gaga over this bill of experimental fringe acts across various genres coming together at Lola's tonight. And, credit where it's due: When I checked out The Frenz's set at our DOMA showcase, I was shocked by how much I've come to enjoy the efforts of this post-post-punk project.

The Lashouts, Make Do and Mend, Kids of Cons Saturday, August 9, at Bar of Soap I don't know how many times I need to pump up The Lashout's still-relatively new self-titled disc before people take the hint and check it out. It won't change your life, but as far as straightforward punk music goes, it's a helluva good time.

Here in Arms, Les Amerecains, Christian Brooks Band, The Istics, Erik Castillo Saturday, August 9, at Prophet Bar Don't know much about the supporting bands on the bill, but Brett Engel's Here in Arms project makes for a good folk- and Springsteen-influenced time. He's got a new album on the way this fall, too, so keep an eye out for that.

Black Tooth BBQ and Bash Sunday, August 10, at the Palladium Ballroom For the insatiable metal fans who attend Ozzfest on Saturday and still felt like they need more, there's this little shindig put on in honor of Dimebag Darrell's memory. The concert, which features a lineup of local metal acts, takes place at the finish line of the Ride for Dime motorcycle ride (which starts in Arlington). Also, it's being deemed the "1st Annual" occurrance of this event, so there could be many more of these down the line if this one goes well. And it's always fun to get in on an event like this on the ground level. Plus, I'm impartial to the name, which, as I understand it, is derived from Dime's favorite shooter, the Black Tooth Grin, which is a delicious, if devilish, drink that I've really come to really enjoy in recent weeks., yeah, there's your weekend. On a freakin' silver platter, yo. --Pete Freedman

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