Good Friday: Rockett Queen, The O's, Blackheart Society, Miser, Menkena, Odis, Calhoun, Dan Dyer, The King Bucks, Chris Masterson of Son Volt, Here in Arms, Sunward, Fight Bite, Nicholas Altobelli

It's a big big BIG couple nights and days of shows all around the DFWd region this weekend. So, no point in pussyfootin' around. Let's jump right in. First, the show's we've already dropped on ya...

On Friday night, there's the Eagles of Death Metal show (sans Josh Homme, remember) at the Prophet Bar's big room, the Justin Townes Earle/Bruce Robison/Kelly Willis show at the Granada, and the Dallas Children's Theater's Santa's Holiday For Strings at the Rosewood Center for Family Arts.

On Saturday night, there's Lisa Loeb at the Meyerson, the Spree and Gustafer Yellowgold at the Granada, Ice Cube at the Prophet Bar's big room, the Crystal Method at the Lizard Lounge, the Paul Green School of Rock Holiday Benefit Concert at Dada, the grand opening show at The Journey in Pilot Point, the Sarah Jaffe/Boom Boom Box/Astronautalis show at Rubber Gloves, the 100 Damned Guns/Whiskey Folk Ramblers/Blackland River Devils show at the Double Wide, and the Spune Christmas show at Haileys.

And, on Sunday night, there's Chrismukkah at The Lounge.

Now, the worthwhile shows we haven't yet discussed, across any and all genre. Aand because there's a lot, we're gonna keep things short and sweet this week...

Before the Fall, Rockett Queen, Story 48, David Cote
Friday, December 12, at Club Dada

Because, dammit, some people old enough to drink do enjoy some whiny high school bullshit music. And guyliner, apparently. Lots of guyliner. And because the Door was booked.

The O's, Sleeping in the Aviary, The Naptime Shake
Friday, December 12, at the Double Wide

Because The O's are still raw and still getting better despite being pretty good as is. And because I have an open challenge to The Naptime Shake in which I beg them to cover Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" from Vacation. And now that I've made that challenge public knowledge, I'm gonna extend it to the Whiskey Folk Ramblers and the AM Ramblers, too. No real reason. I just think it'd be cool, is all.

Blackheart Society, Rival Gang, Street Hassle, DJ Billingham's Defense System
Friday, December 12, at The Lounge

Because sometimes you need some hard, driving, energetic rock and punk to get your weekend started off right.

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Miser, Deaf Pedestrians, Energy Williams, Loaded Moses
Friday, December 12, at the Curtain Club

Because sometimes you need Miser's unnecessary cover of The Cranberries' "Zombie" and more butt rock, to get your weekend off right? No? Well, still a good get for the Curtain Club--this show should do pretty well, I think.

Menkena, Rahim Quazi
Friday, December 12, at The Cavern

Because, just maybe, you'd rather use your Friday night to wind down to the dreamy shoegaze pop of Menkena--or just the straight-up pop rock sounds of singer songwriter Rahim Quazi.

Friday, December 12, at Opening Bell Coffee

Because it's for a good cause: Toys for Tots (so, um, bring toys, OK?) and because, despite what commenters may think, when we call a band "crappy" in our This or That segment, we're doing so at least partially in jest.

Calhoun, Radiant, One Lone Car
Friday, December 12, at Lola's in Fort Worth

Because Calhoun's take on indie pop rock is pretty great, and because Radiant's a decent draw, so maybe you'll run into someone you know.

Dan Dyer
Friday, December 12, at Dan's Slverleaf

Because Bob Schneider's off this week.

The King Bucks
Friday, December 12, at AllGood Cafe and Sunday, December 14, at the Granada

Because listening to their country covers is a great, laid back time, because, on Sunday, it's a free show after the Cowboys game and because, sometimes, it's nice to see the Bucks on a night other than Mondays and at a place other than Adair's.

Eleanor Whitmore, Chris Masterson, The Days Are Night, Clint Niosi
Friday, December 12, at Hailey's

Because even rock clubs can go Americana. And because Masterson's a member of Son Volt, really.

Fire Nation, A Man Damn, Here, In Arms, Ella Minnow
Friday, December 12, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

Because it's a benefit for the Family and Medical Leave Act apparently, and Here, In Arms does a pretty decent, updated take on the old Bruce Springsteen sound, even if he's yet to release an album and probably won't in the immediate future (no matter what he says at shows).

Sunward, Airline, Hendrick
Saturday, December 13, at Club Dada

Because these three favorites among area pop rock fans have to do some warming up before playing SXSW side-fest the Red Gorilla Festival.

Fight Bite, Eat Avery's Bones, Nouns Group, Zzz...
Saturday, December 13, at the Chat Room Pub in Fort Worth
Because Fight Bite wants to show you that it now knows how to put on a decent live show. And, because, the other bands, although they aren't at all similar to Fight Bite in sound, tend to boast the same fans, so there must be some overlap.

Nicholas Altobelli, Amber Farris
Saturday, December 13, at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Because Altobelli just released a pretty good debut (read our review in next week's print edition) and Somebody's Darling frontwoman Amber Farris just returned from Nashville, where her band recorded its fairly highly anticipated debut.

...and that's your weekend. We out. --Pete Freedman

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