Good Friday: RTB2, Tantric, The Weight, MATAS, This Old House, The Gourds, Grant Jones, Hawk Vs. Dove, Shaolin Death Squad, Bad Veins, The Black and White Years

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Another week bites the dust, which leads us to this weekly inevitability of us offering up our top choices for musical entertainment each weekend. And, well, there's a lot this weekend, actually, so hold on tight.

First up, as always, a reminder of the shows we've already hyped up plenty...

Tonight in particular is packed with goodies: Hip-hoppers C.S. Rucker and Dustin Cavazos (who has been working on new material, I hear) will be playing at Mokah Lounge in Deep Ellum; rapper SHO. will be joined by Dem Southernfolkz and others at Liquid Lounge's Final Fridays event; up in Denton, Hailey's kicks off its back to school festivites with an event tonight called Back to Coool, featuring, among others, Fizzy Dino Pop and the debut of Corporate Park; Wanz Dover's new residency at Fallout Lounge, The Atomic Party, will feature sets from Dover's own Blixaboy moniker, as well as sets from Juan Solo, Nervous Curtains and Akkolyte; San Antonio's Buttercup joins Salim Nourallah and I Love Math at Bryan Street Taven; and, in case you can't catch 'em tomorrow in Fort Worth, you can catch Red Animal War tonight at the Prophet Bar, performing with Record Hop, The Timeline Post and Sunrise Cemetary. Also? Don't bother going to Suite Basement...

Saturday's got fewer shows, but maybe a little more pop to it: Red Animal War plays Lola's Sixth in the Fort alongside True Widow and The Me-Thinks; Peter, Bjorn & John opens up for Depeche Mode at Superpages.com Center; Telegraph Canyon, Matthew Gray and The Hand Combine headline Spune's (free) Back to School Ice Cream Social; and, uh, the Toadies are throwing some sort of festival, I think? Yeah, sounds about right.

As for Sunday? Well, nothing we've already mentioned.

But we do have some more options for Friday and Saturday, and, sure, one or two for Sunday too, after the jump. If you think you can handle it.

RTB2, The Polycorns, Baruch The Scribe, lalagray
Friday, Aug. 28, at Opening Bell's Southside location

The first of two shows that indicate that this weekend could be the start of a pretty big shift in philosophy for Opening Bell's booking process. Southside won't know what hit it once RTB2 starts unleashing its blues rock on the place--but the undercard here's a real solid lineup of promising younger acts worht paying attention to, as well. In particular, check out lalagray, which, for the first time ever, I'm told, will have a full band backing for what, in the past, has been a solo project.

Tantric, Aranda, Vayden, Venture
Friday, Aug. 28, at Trees

Is "Breakdown" enough of an excuse to get you out to Trees this weekend?

The Weight, Robbie Saunders & The 32-20s, Southbound Lane, Sloan Automatic
Friday, Aug. 28, at The Lounge on Elm Street

The Weight headlined a bill at Rubber Gloves on Wednesday, if I recall. Didn't catch it myself. But I saw that a sister paper of ours (forget which, sorry) recommended this band's brand of alt-country when it came through its city. Seeing as how the band is from Brooklyn, though, I'm guessing it wasn't a city as accustomed to the genre as we are here.

The Calm Blue Sea, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
Saturday, Aug. 29, at Opening Bell's Mosaic location

See what I mean about Opening Bell? Anyway, this opposite-sides-of-the-nautical-spectrum bill (one band from Austin, one from Denton) is also performing at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton on Sunday, with This Old House added in, if you miss this performance.
(Show has been canceled. See comments below.)

RTB2, This Old House, The River Mouth, Younger Sons
Saturday, Aug. 29, at J&J's Pizza in Denton

Another fine RTB2-led bill of young acts, this time of a more roots-y variety, that have been piquing our interest of late.

The Gourds, Mama Sweet, The O's
Saturday, Aug. 29, at the Granada Theater

Speaking of good alt-country...

Chris Cagle
Saturday, Aug. 29, at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth

And country with no alt...

Grant Jones and The Pistol Grip Lassos, Madison King, Greg Schroeder
Saturday, Aug. 29, at City Tavern

It's Grant Jones and The Pistol Grip Lassos' CD release...

Drink to Victory, Hawk Vs. Dove, Kaboom!, Dear Human
Saturday, Aug. 29, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

Another heavy, heavy lineup of area bands put together by one of the best promotion crews in the region, Gutteth Productions. Be sure to catch Hawk Vs. Dove, the far heavier side of a few of the members of Stew (formerly known as Holy Diver).

Shaolin Death Squad, The Invincible Czars
Saturday, Aug. 29, at The Boilere Room in Denton

Shaolin Death Squad's CD release...

Bad Veins, They Were Stars, The Boat Lights
Saturday, Aug. 29. at The Cavern

Cincinatti's Bad Veins simply refers to itself as "indie," which is about the least descriptive tag you can ever apply to a sound these days. Far as I can tell from a quick listen, the duo's sound is Strokes-like grage rock, with some synth thrown in to boot. Pretty interesting, if well-covered ground, I'd say.

The Black and White Years
Sunday, Aug. 30, at House of Blues' Cambridge Room

Haven't seen this Austin mainstay on a Dallas bill in some time, but with a new disc en route, I guess it makes sense for the Fun Fun Fun Fest-booked indie pop rockers to make a return trip.

...and that's your jam-packed weekend. Have fun out there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.