Good Friday: Tejas Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Today is the Day, Goatwhore, Rivercrest Yacht Club, Deep Snapper, Jackopierce, David Garza, Damaged Good$, Brent Best

It's a pretty good-looking weekend of shows this time around, folks. Go out and see some bands and stuff, y'know?

First, the shows we've already mentioned...

Tonight, there's Delta Spirit and Nada Surf at Hailey's in Denton, Torche, Black Cobra and Clouds at The Lounge, The Black Crowes at the Palladium, Heartless Bastards, Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears and Les Americains at Dada, The Blind Boys of Alamama at McFarlin Auditorium, Rhett Miller and Brent Best fighting CF at the Granada, and Roger McGuinn at Fort Worth's McDavid Studio (same show happens tomorrow night, too).

And on Saturday, there's Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band at the Palladium and the The Double Wide's awesome-looking anniversary party.

Now, as always, the best of the rest...

Tejas Brothers Friday, November 21, at Adair's Saloon There's a reason these guys, who blend traditional Mexicana with traditional country, won Best New Act at this year's DOMAs (in a tie). Find out for yourself tonight.

Smokey Robinson Friday, November 21, at Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Dude's a legend. C'mon.

Today is the Day Friday, November 21, at Reno's Chop Shop Saloon Originally, this was a double-headlined metal show also featuring Weedeater. But Weedeater backed out because a member broke his hand after a bike accident. Still, as good as any hard rock/metal show going on in Deep Ellum this weekend not featuring Torche.

Goatwhore, Texas Metal Alliance, more... Friday, November 21, at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth I got to interview Goatwhore frontman Ben Falgoust back when I previewed Ozzfest. Good guy from a pretty damn good metal band. Here's what I wrote about Goatwhore then: "Imagine everything you know about metal is compressed inside an aluminum can of soda. Then shake that can up for, oh, an hour and immediately open it. The explosion that will take place is kind of like what it feels like to listen to Goatwhore's black death metal—only, the explosion lasts for an entire set. Should help wake up the crowds, for sure." So, yeah, pretty good stuff. The music, not my writing.

Rivercrest Yacht Club, Tomorrowpeople, Douglas Woodlane, Beauregard Friday, November 21, at the Cavern Really bizarre bill, featuring a joke rap group that I can't figure out, a reuniteed band that's been playing around a lot lately and getting back in the swing of things, a folk artists from Hurst, and a new wave act. Really weird. Anyway, at least Tomorrowpeople's Erich Scholz seems in on the joke, writing that his band "only [plays] with rap groups" now.

Deep Snapper, The Make Believers, White Drugs Friday, November 21, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton Respectively, so you can get your fix on all things Minutemen-esque, relatively-new-but-relatively-awesome roots rock, and bands that have the same name as, but aren't, this band.

Jackopierce Saturday, November 22, at House of Blues The '90s are the new '80s. You heard it here first.

David Garza, Sunward, Rahim Quazi, AM Elephant, Bryan Wakeland Saturday, November 22, at Club Dada Austin folkie (they have those?) David Garza takes some time off from his Continental Club residency down I-35 to celebrate his new CD's release this weekend at Dada. A four-pack of like-minded (to a degree), capable locals open, including AM Elephant (featuring Manya Repnikova of Blue Petal), whose web site I can't find, but whose CD I was pleasantly surprised with when I had the pleasure of hearing it about a week back.

Show Me Tiger!, Prince William, Damaged Good$ Saturday, November 22, at The Lounge I just listened to Show Me Tiger!'s Myspace page, and I didn't really like it, which is a shame because Prince Will is as good, if not better, than any local DJ I've seen, and Damaged Good$ is as good as any hipster-hop group this town has ever seen. Seriously, they're incredible--you need to see them live.

Brent Best Sunday, November 23, at the Barley House In case you missed Brent on Friday with Rhett Miller and on Saturday when The Drams play Dan's Silverleaf, but you really just want more Brent, well, here you are.

...and that's your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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