OK. First off, sorry if this is coming a little late in the day and if our descriptions of these shows are a little shorter than usual. A couple unanticipated developments (like the SXSW complete schedule announcement, for instance) got us a little derailed this afternoon. But enough handcuffing. Onto the shows. First the one's we've already hyped...

Tonight, there's the Smile Smile, Calhoun and Sour Notes bill at the Barley House, that fun-looking Mable Peabody's bill in Denton with Punk Bunny, Rival Gang and Darktown Strutters, Inner Frequency's CD release show at Jack's Backyard, and the show at Hal Samples' SPACE with the King Bucks, Giggle Party and the Happy Bullets as part of the Bullets' video shoot.

On Saturday, there's the strong lineup of Annuals, What Laura Says and Jessica Lea Mayfield at House of Blues, the Lumberjack Festival at Dan's Silverleaf, the Secret Handshake gig at The Max, and that Love Song exhibit at Art Hotel Gallery.

And, on Sunday, there's Ne-Yo at the Nokia.

Now, onto a few other shows. As I said before, this list is gonna be relatively short this week, so please add your suggestions in the comments.

Eleven Hundred Springs
Friday, Feb. 13, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

Because, really, what's another weekend without us again touting the virtues of this amazing local country jem? Knock the genre all you want, scensters, but these guys are good--and deserve to be seen at least once before you judge 'em.

Good Friday: The Friday The 13th and Valentine's Day Edition

The Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, The Naptime Shake
Friday, Feb. 13, at the Granada Theater

If you're a-hankerin' for some down home Americana with a whiskey bent, this is your show for the night. We've touted WFR's blend of gypsy and country influences plenty in this space over the past year, and that band seems a perfect complement to Peyton's brand o' swamp rock. [Full disclosure: Night & Day co-editor Noah W. Bailey is the frontman for opening act The Naptime Shake.]

Ian Bangs, Yeah Def, Females, VEGA, The Heartstring Stranglers
Friday, Feb. 13, at Hailey's in Denton

Some of Denton's most buzzing DJs all in one spot, plus VEGA (who we don't know if he's DJing or performing on this bill, unfortunately) and The Heartstring Stranglers, who are great but, let's face it, don't fit anywhere near this bill.

Jack With One Eye, The Frenz, Ghostcar, DJ Gabriel
Friday, Feb. 13, at the Lounge on Elm Street

Tonight's Jack With One Eye's CD release show, and this night's planned around celebratign that cause. Check back with us in print next week and you'll see Merrit Martin's review of the new disc (as well as my takes on the new discs from the Riverboat Gamblers and The Kul).

Early Republic, Mother's Anthem, Designing Me, Eimi Hall
Friday, Feb. 13, at House of Blues' Pontiac Garage

I'll be at this show tonight, at least for part of it, and completely out of curiosity. I've never heard of the headlining band, The Early Republic, before this week, but the band managed to sell out the tickets for this, its CD release show. But even more odd: The pop-rockin' band's Myspace page lists Black Tie Dynasty as one of its main influences. Which, um, I guess means we can expect two albums and then an abrupt breakup? ZING!

The Orbans, The O's, The Cut*Off
Friday, Feb. 13, at Lola's Stockyards in Fort Worth

I actually caught the Orbans (formerly The Lifters) at the House of Blues last weekend 'cause I hadn't seen 'em yet, and I kept seeing their name on bills around town. Turns out, the band's fairly good! Kinda like a young Sorta, in fact. Sharing the bill with the Orbans on this strong bill is The O's, who are having, I think, their 634th CD release party at this show, and The Cut*Off, one of Fort Worth's strongest acts.

Doug Burr, Telegraph Canyon
Saturday, Feb. 14, at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Two heartbreakingly phenomenal acts performing in the confines of a museum. This just SCREAMS Valentine's Day date material, yeah?

Greg Ginn
Saturday, Feb. 14, at the Boiler Room, Denton

Black Flag's Greg Ginn stops by the Boiler Room tonight, after having played Club Dada on Friday.

Ishi, Cocky Americans, Giggle Party
Saturday, Feb. 14, at The Cavern

Three fun acts--one a dance act, one a dance rock act and one that's just a rock act--all playing in their "home" venue of The Cavern. Expect a decent crowd at this one, I'd say.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.