Good Friday: The Lash Outs, True Widow, Les Americains, Kansas City Faggots, Collin Herring

Wait--it's just now the weekend? Coulda fooled us, as it's been hard not to feel like we're the only ones in the world working today...

Oh, well. Anyway, here's your weekend. In music, of course.

First, the shows we've already dropped knowledge on...

Saturday night's a big 'un in Ellum, what with it hosting both the final New Frontiers show at Dada and the first Fair to Midland show in a while at Curtain Club. Then, on Sunday, it's up to Dan's in Denton for a little Will Kapinos/Ashley Cromeens/Starhead action.

Or, you can head to one of these other surefire delights...

The Lash Outs, Johnny Hootrock, Secret Ghost Champion, The Phuss
Friday, January 2, at the Prophet Bar
Because I'm a sucker for locally topical punk rock. And I know nothing about the Phuss, except that I'm kinda digging what I've heard on its Myspace page (click the band's name above).

Laptop Death Match
Friday, January 2, at The Lounge

Because this competition where musicians get all geeky on their laptops for your aural pleasure is bound to show you ways to use your laptop beyond simply seeing it as a portal for porn.

True Widow, Cocky Americans, Hormones LTD
Saturday, January 3, at The Cavern

Because this is a pretty badass all-rock bill of all-new bands, and even though I've been saying that about every True Widow bill of late, so be it.

Les Americains, The O's, Menkena, Tonite Tonite, Parallel Play
Saturday, January 3, at The Prophet Bar

Because this bill, which features pop-rock, hillbilly pop and shoegaze singer-songwrter stuff (among others), makes about as much sense as the resolutions you made but certainly won't keep in '09.

Kansas City Faggots, Last of the Interceptors, The Daily Beat
Saturday, January 3, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton

Because, dammit, all those Red Blood Club kids need somewhere to see punk shows.

Collin Herring
Saturday, January 3, at AllGood Cafe

Because Collin Herring's Past Life Crashing is a fine, fine alt-country/folkie release about his post-rehab life. And you almost certainly drank too much this past week.

...and there's your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.