Good Friday: The Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Hey guys, it's a long weekend! Who knew! 

Fortunately, we've already talked about most of the top shows coming happening around the region either on the blog or in print. Still, there's some others we think you should know about--and, certainly, that you should check out, should you get the chance.

First up, as always, the ones you should already know about....

Tonight, there's Margot and the Nuclear So and So's stop by Hailey's in Denton with the buzzing Telekinesis and Everything, Now!

On Saturday, there's that sweet-looking The Octopus Project/This Will Destroy You/Ume triple bill at the Granada and the Letters to Cleo show at The Loft.

On Sunday night, there's that Zoroaster/Mouth of the Architect/H...N show at Club Dada.

And, since Monday is technically the weekend this time around, might as well go check out Paul Slavens' Monday night residency at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, which Daniel Rodrigue told us about in this week's paper.

Now, onto some ones we haven't yet hyped...

Dustin Cavazos, Scuba Team Go, Ty City, galleryCat, Moses Uvere, Lionheart, King Solomon, Johnny Mack, DJ Sober, EZ Eddie D, DJ Stibs, VJ Smooth, DJ Second Sense
Friday, May 22, at Torch

The video you see atop this post is a promo clip for tonight's incredibly solid lineup at Torch, which features pretty much the entire Selahdor crew of local hip-hop artists, including a bunch of DC9 favorites, like Dustin Cavazos, Scuba Team Go and galleryCat, plus a whole bunch of other artists we've been looking forward to catching--like Moses Uvere and Ty City--and some other DJ and hip-hop friends, too. This is clearly looking like the top hip-hop option of the weekend, but beyond that, it's a chance to see some of the real up-and-comers (thanks, in large part, to Cavazos' production skills), all in one spot. If you can make it, you really should try to come out. I'll see you there.

Flock of Seagulls, When In Rome, Dramarama
Friday, May 22, at House of Blues

The '90s may officially be the new '80s (something DJ Yeahdef seems to have taken advantage of up in Denton with his Wednesday night parties at Hailey's), but '80s nostalgia's still a pretty powerful drug on the mind, it seems, or else this tour wouldn't even exist.

Doug Burr, The Angelus, The Orbans
Friday, May 22, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

With Doug Burr and The Angelus' Emil Rapstine, this show features two of the region's finest male vocalists. Add in fast-rising local favorites The Orbans and this show's probably gonna have a fine little turnout. Oh, and have you watched our DC9 in SPACE with Doug yet? You really should.

Florene, Hotel, Hotel, Salesman, Phantastes, Abacus
Friday, May 22, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

Austin's Hotel, Hotel and Salesman make the against-the-stream drive up I-35 to Denton to find their way onto this bill, which features a largely experimental electronica feel thanks to headliner Florene's lead.

The Bee's Fifth Collective Secret Show
Saturday, May 23, at 306 Texas St. in Denton

Matthew Gray's new artists collective's already hosted a few of these "secret shows" already, in which he invites people over to his home for some music from some of his Bee's Fifth Collective cohorts. But, every time, he refuses to announce who's playing. The idea? To try to get people to come for the music, not the scene, which is as respectable a reason as any. This show starts at 4 o'clock and runs until 7 p.m., and, though I'm sworn to secrecy, I can tell you that I do know the name of at least one of the acts scheduled to perform. And I can tell you that this act knows how to put on a great house show, for sure. Trust me. Or don't.

Possessed By Paul James
Saturday, May 23, at Rubber Gloves

Pretty much every DC9 contributor who covered NX35 and caught Possessed by Paul James' set at the Denton fest was absolutely blown away by his soulful, rootsy, one-man band performance. Find out why at this gig.

Riot! with Damaged Good$, galleryCat, Blake Ward, Keith P, Justin Bell, DJ Select
Saturday, May 23, at 1800 Lear St.

We kinda already mentioned this show, which is co-sponsored by Etc. Etc. and We Shot JR, but it should be a pretty insane time. I stopped by the spot last night for the Refatory 1 deal, and those folks put some serious work into making the place look a) presentable and b) an awesome setting for a warehouse party. But Saturday's party should be especially crazy: The doors open at 11 p.m., Damaged Good$ goes on at 2 a.m., and DJ Select, the final performer, goes on at 4 a.m. The whole thing is sponsored by Red Stripe and Three Olives Vodka, whose libations are free with the $7 to $20 costs of admission. If you think you can hang, that is.

Steve Aoki
Sunday, May 24, at Ghostbar

Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki will be in town, providing the soundtrack to an event Ghostbar is calling its Memorial Day Sleepover.

Sunday, May 24, at House of Blues

The Seattle-based progressive hard rockers in Queensryche have been doing their thing since 1981. That's pretty ridiculous. Just sayin'.

Gavin Rossdale, Nico Vega
Monday, May 25, at House of Blues

The former frontman of Bush (local tie-in: Dallas-based label Kirtland Records owns Bush's catalog) stops by, promoting his new solo project, which features that one song with the video that got played on VH1 a few times, I think. Supporting him is the far more interesting bratty and dance-y rock outfit, Nico Vega.

Harvey Milk, Hawk Vs. Dove, The Great Tyrant
Monday, May 25, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

The heavy, heavy rockers in Harvey Milk are about as loud as the former San Francisco politician is revered. Which is to say, I guess, that they're really fucking loud. Joining them on this bill are two locals: The new-ish, dirge-y Hawk Vs. Dove and the very, very, dramatic and heavy The Great Tyrant. Bring earplugs.

...and that's your long weekend. Be safe out there. Seriously, the cops are watching.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.