Good Friday: The Phuss, Florene, Fear Factory, Hats & Statues, Musem Creatures, ODYSSEY, Bridges & Blinking Lights, Salim Nourallah, Exit 380, The Rocketboys, Odis, Plumbrella, Automorrow, The Cut*Off, Darktown Strutters and Grassfight

Raise your hands if you're glad you don't have to drive north or south on I-35 this week to catch a festival? Great! Too bad there's still plenty to see around the Metroplex this weekend, suckers.

No more histrionics--let's just dive right into your show-going options for the weekend. Starting, as always, with the ones we've already hyped.

Tonight's kind of a heavy night: Dear Human celebrates the post-hardcore-influenced math rock of its debut EP tonight at Ribber Gloves, and Sevendust, back with its original lineup, will aim to melt faces at Trees.

Saturday, meanwhile, is pretty busy, too: Alkaline Trio will be joined by Cursive and The Dear & Departed at the Palladium, Angie Stone will be joined by Joe and Chico DeBarge at the Nokia Theatre, and a whole slew of our favorite local up-and-coming rap acts (among them Damaged Good$, Ty City, A.Dd+, Ni Taylor and AnonymousCulture) will join forces for a two-stage event that will go until the wee, small hours of the morning.

But, as always, there's more. Jump with us for the details.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, The Phuss, Pinebox Serenade
Friday, March 26, at City Tavern

The Ramblers swear their new one produced by Salim Nourallah is almost ready. And that's al; fine and good. But, fact is, this band's one of the top, if not the best, live bands in town. Great drinking music. And getting The Phuss to open things up beforehand with a sure-to-be-rocking live set? Well, that's just the icing on the cake.

Friday, March 26, at Tradewinds Social Club in Oak Cliff

It's a pretty rare thing to see hard-hitting electro duo Florene travel to Dallas, so this is a nice little treat. In an intimate space like Tradewinds, Florene's already impressive live display should prove even more so.

Fear Factory, Dirge Within, Periphery, Winds of Plague
Friday, March 26, at House of Blues

Yep, it's your token metal show suggestion for the weekend. But not completely, as Fear Factory's "Linchpin" is kind of brutal and awesome.

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Here Holy Spain, Dem Southernfolkz, Hats & Statues
Friday, March 26, at the Double Wide

Really varied bill at the Double Wide for this one, featuring Here Holy Spain's in-your-face punk, DSFZ's socially conscious hip-hop, and the charming baroque indie rock of new-ish outfit Hats & Statues. Three acts that will do your heart and mind good, albeit in completely different manners.

Soft Environmental Collapse, Saboteur, Division of Power, Museum Creatures, Shortest Distance
Friday, March 26, at The Cavern

A benefit show for Mercy for Animals, this bill's pretty heavy, aside from Musuem Creatures, whose quite-charming electro-pop's been on our radar for a little bit now. The other obvious highlight here is the hard-rockin' Saboteur.

ODYSSEY, Quiet Company, OK Sweetheart, The Hope Trust
Friday, March 26, at Hailey's Club in Denton

I'm an unabashed fan of ODYSSEY's tender, roots-influenced indie rock, but that's just the tip of the iceberg here. OK Sweetheart's charming indie-pop is starting to really grow on me, too--which makes me about a year behind most of Denton, but whatever. Meanwhile, The Hope Trust's roots-rock may recall The Wallflowers a little bit at times, but that's not a bad thing. And Austin's compelling Quiet Company always puts on a good show. Quite a powerhouse bill, actually.

Bridges & Blinking Lights, Via Audio, The Spring Standard
Friday, March 26, at The Green Elephant

B&BL headlines this, and, though we already told you this much, it bears reminding you that the band's new Matt Pence-produced album jams hard. Two New York City acts--presumably late SXSW leavers--join the band on this, and will have a hell of a time topping Jake Wilganowski and Co.

Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, Rahim Quazi, Nicholas Altobelli

Friday, March 26, at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff
A free show of acoustic delights at the Kessler. As good an excuse as there is to cehck the gorgeous new space out, I'd say. It's being presented by Oak Cliff barbecue joint Smoke. not sure if that means food will be there, but, hey, keep your fingers crossed.

Exit 380, Guns 4 Roses, Kennedy
Saturday, March 27, at The Boiler Room in Denton

Another benefit show. The copy straight from the facebook invite:

All money from the show will go to the Tutt family of Sanger Texas. They have a 6 year old daughter named Kodi and she is living with stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. Her father is on the fire department in Sanger and this family could really use our help and prayers. There will be items up for auction from Mark Cuban and other celebs so be sure to take a look and bid. See you at the show.

Yes, yes, go. Apparently Billy the Kid from KISS-FM will be there, if that further entices you to go. No? Well, then maybe Exit 380's perplexing, sometimes-alt-country, sometimes-Alice in Chains vibe will.

The Rocketboys, Hendrick, Shapes Stars Make
Saturday, March 27, at the Granada Theater

A trio of indie pop-rockers, each of whom aims to tug at your heartstrings with their tender lead vocals. Bring a date and you'll totally get laid, maybe.

Johnny Lloyd Rollins, The Hope Trust, Dustin Welch
Saturday, March 27, at City Tavern

Johnny Lloyd Rollins should be a stranger at this point. His country-influenced retro-pop has been getting him recognized around town for some time. His second LP is on the way soon, though--bet you didn't know that. And what we heard kinda rocks...

Saturday, March 27, at Hat Tricks Sports Bar in Lewisville

Looks like Hat Tricks found a replacement for Jonathan Tyler now that the Northern Lights have hit the kinda-big time. Kidding, sort of. Anyway, Odis has a new Maroon 5-less sound these days. Now the band likes U2. Still feels a little shallow, but frontman Larry Gayao sure can carry a tune.

Brent Best, Pat McKanna, Spyche, Plumbrella
Saturday, March 27, at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff

Another decent lineup at the Kessler, this one featuring a lot of the old Deep Ellum guard. The highlight among the bill? We'll go with Plumbrella, the new project from Shallow Reign's Bob Watson.

Automorrow, Rivercrest Yacht Club
Saturday, March 27, at the Barley House

Rivercrest Yacht Club is jokey white boy rap, and, well, not very funny. But Automorrow, although kind of directionless with its punk rock, remains a promising entity, if only because "Overboard" and "Get Your Own Friends" are such good songs.

The Demigs, The Cut*Off, Salim Nourallah
Saturday, March 27, at Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth

Expect a lot of Pixies-meets-country at this one between the Demigs and the Cut*Off. Oh, and Salim Nourallah again.

Tartufi, Darktown Strutters, Telethon, Pinkish Black
Sunday, March 28, at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff

Maybe the show of the weekend. San Francisco's Tartufi puts on a phenomenal, sweeping live show. Telethon, the kind-of-not-very-serious "German" rock outfit from former Dallasite John Freeman entertains, if nothing else. Pinkish Black feature the surviving members of The Great Tyrant, which, unfortunately, given recent circumstances, appears no more. And Darktown Strutters' is still the best area band you've yet to see live.

Katsuk, RTB2, Grassfight, Dry Creek, Shag
Sunday, March 28, at Hailey's Club in Denton

A fine way to close out your weekend, if only because RTB2 is a sure thing and we haven't seen the openly Radiohead-aping Grassfight on a bill in some time. Also, world music from Katsuk.

...and that pretty much covers it. Got more to suggest? Add 'em in the comments. Otherwise? We'll see ya on Monday. Till then, have fun, and be safe out there.

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