Good Friday: The Post-Xmas Hangover Edition

Kinda a slow weekend coming up around the D this time around. Maybe everyone's just gearing up for Amateur Night New Year's Eve? Dunno.

I do know that we only hipped you to two weekend shows this week in print, though: Todd Snider's two-night stay at the Granada Theater tonight and tomorrow; and Spector 45's CD release show at Club Dada tomorrow.

What else is there? Well, it's not exactly slim pickings... but let's just say this isn't the best touring weekend of the year. I hope you like local music...

Blackbird Harmony, The Angelus, Breastheart
Friday, December 26, at the Double Wide

Evan Birdsong's Blackbird Harmony put out a fine release earlier this year with Hardwood Exits, a collection of songs that finds Birdsong collaborating with a couple other area musicians. Not sure if any of them will join him on this bill, but either way, it's a keeper, what with the Angelus joining him.

Pimpadelic, Mother Truckin Skull Diggers, Angel of Vengeance
Friday, December 26, at Curtain Club

Really, I just wanted an excuse to write out the words "Mother Truckin Skull Diggers". But it turns out they're a rock act, too! Go figure! Joining MTSD on this bill are local Southern rock/rap pioneers Pimpadelic and a rock act that, apparently, is in need of a drummer, according to Myspace.

Edwin McCain, Sun Domingo
Friday, December 26, at House of Blues
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'll be your crying shoulder tonight.

Red Animal War, Record Hop, Kijoto
Saturday, December 27, at the Double Wide
A pretty amazing all-local lineup of some pretty heavy, pretty progressive hard rock. Should be quite the time. Also: Looks like we picked a terrible week to take off from our Poster of the Week segment.

PlayRadioPlay!, Hey Hollywood, Travis Bryant, Oceans Firing, Haley Mills from Broken Toy Airplanes
Saturday, December 27, at The Door Fort Worth
Are you a teenager? Do you like mall power pop/punk? Do you live in Fort Worth? Can you not afford to attend tomorrow night's Unsilent Night at the Plano Centre? Then this is the next best thing, maybe! Also: There's a performance from Haley Mills, but, unfortunately, it isn't the one you're thinking of, I don't think.

The Crash That Took Me, True Widow, Hello Lover, Cocky Americans
Saturday, December 27, at Lola's in Fort Worth
What a badass little all-local rock lineup. It hits all fronts, really: artsy, shoegazy, drunken and bouncy. Nice booking.

Bob Schneider, Calhoun
Saturday, December 27, at House of Blues
I'm a fan of Calhoun's. That's no secret. And, it's nice to see that Bob Schneider's back in town. It's been a good couple days or so.

Fab Deuce, Vortexas, Rec League
Saturday, December 27, at Hailey's in Denton
A night filled with Denton rap. Which, really, I swear, isn't nearly as bad as that premise alone makes it sound.

Stoney LaRue
Saturday, December 27, at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth
This is Texas, y'all.

Brave Combo
Saturday, December 27, at Sons of Hermann Hall
The world's greatest polka band swings down I-35E from Denton to get you dancing at Sons on Saturday.

The Great Tyrant, Dutch Treats, Darktown Strutters, Telethon DVD Screening
Sunday, December 28, at the Double Wide
Let's get this out of the way: John Freeman's a big liar. But, OK, this is a nice, varied, potentially incredibly entertaining bill.

Eleven Hundred Springs, Jake Hooker, Doug Moreland
Sunday, December 28, at House of Blues
Been a minute or two since we've seen the Eleven Hundred Springs boys playing around town, I think. Still supporting the very nice, very well-received Country Jam record, whcih was released earlier this year, the gang always puts on a good show.

Unsilent Night
Sunday, December 28, at Plano Centre
All the cool kids are gonna be there. (OK, emphasis on "kids".) But seriously: Look at the pretty impressive lineup. Not bad.

...and that's your weekend. Have fun out there. --Pete Freedman

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