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Good Records Announces Its Record Store Day Lineup, Bill's Records Adds Jason Castro To Its Same-Day Bill

April 17 marks the annual celebration of Record Store Day, your chance to give thanks to your local brick-and-mortar, or, as has been the case for the past few years in Dallas, your chance to catch some pretty solid live bands on the store's dime.

And while many area stores are participating in the festivities this year, two stand out in particular for their efforts--Good Records and Bill's Records.

We've already teased Bill's Records' lineup, but it bears noting that, earlier today, the store added Rockwall native and American Idol finalist Jason Castro to its bill, which already includes Ha Ha Tonka, Dem Southernfolkz, The Fontier Brothers, The Marfalites and others.

Turns out Ha Ha Tonka and Dem Southernfolkz will be pulling double duty on this day, however. Good Records just released its full-day bill and those two are among the 22 the Lower Greenville store will host at its festivities. After the jump, Good Records' lineup in full--which features, among others, Telegraph Canyon, This Will Destroy You and Murder by Death--with schedule of events and all.

11:00am - Adrianna Oswell
11:30am - Little Birds
12:00pm - Baruch The Scribe
12:30pm - Cartographers
1:00pm - Hello Lover
1:30pm - Hormones
2:00pm - Doug Burr
2:30pm - Seryn
3:00pm - RTB2
3:30pm - The Angelus
4:00pm - Murder By Death
4:30pm - Ha Ha Tonka
5:00pm - Backsliders
5:30pm - The Black Dotz
6:00pm - Rainbows Are Free
7:00pm - Telegraph Canyon
8:00pm - PVC Street Gang
9:00pm - Binary Sunrise
10:00pm - Maleveller
11:00pm - New Fumes
12:00am - DSFZ (dem southernfolkz)
1:00am - This Will Destroy You

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