Got Money? Not So Much, It Turns Out

You hear the Play-N-Skillz name dropped at the start of the Lil Wayne song "Got Money," sure--which makes sense, as the local products produced the beat for the song--but word today is that, despite all the talk we heard in the past year about how much producing the track would boost the local rapping and producing duo's careers, um, well, it might not have. At least not monetarily, it seems.

AllHipHop.com is reporting that Play-N-Skillz never received payment for their efforts--not one penny.

"We haven't gotten any compensation. We really didn't want to speak on anything like that, just because of our relationship with Pain and Wayne. We're more thankful for the opportunity to be on Tha Carter III, but business is business at the end of the day," Skillz told AllHipHop.com at Sha Money XL's One Stop Shop producers conference over this past weekend.

The brothers Salinas also tell the Web site that they are considering taking legal action against Wayne for compensation.

At the very least, though, it sure adds some irony to the track, huh?

(Hat tip.)

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