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Grab Your Copy Of Fight Bite's Emerald Eyes On Saturday At Good Records

Denton's Fight Bite keeps getting all sorts of Internet love--last week alone, the band found itself, again, with mentions on Stereogum and Gorilla vs Bear, among other blogs and local publications--despite the fact that the band's disc won't see an official national release until October (well, as is currently planned; the band is still seeking a distributor).

After my last, apparently incendiary post on Fight Bite, I caught the duo, as promised, and, well, I did enjoy it. The band's music is, without question, beautiful--especially "Swissex Lover", the first song that really launched the act around the Web.

But, and I think the band would even agree here, the live show still does need a lot of work. I mean, I guess self-deprecation is cool and all, but c'mon, do you have to make fun of yourselves and your stage presence after every song? That's only so endearing... and it takes away from getting lost in the beauty of the songwriting.

Let's hope that the self-loathing fits are just a phase--and that this recent bit of good press will give the band some much-needed on-stage confidence as it heads into the final and, coincidentally, only Dallas leg on a string of shows aimed to sell advance copies of the new disc, Emerald Eyes.

Catch Fight Bite's free Good Records in-store gig at 6 p.m. on Saturday, where the band will perform alongside Nouns Group and Fake Blood. --Pete Freedman

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