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Granada Theater's First 10 Years: Our Favorite Memories

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Dillinger Escape Plan, 2010 Eric Grubbs, Observer contributor

The Granada is not the kind of venue that attracts a lot of metal bands, but the Dillinger Escape Plan isn't a standard metal band. Somehow, it was the perfect place for the mathy hardcore quintet as there was plenty of room to stand still and to mosh. They put on an excellent set, which was their second of four visits to the DFW area for the Option Paralysis tour, and the packed audience ate up the experience. Definitely one of the best sets from this band and it happened in, of all places, a beautifully restored theater.

Glass Candy, 2013 Aaron Ortega, Observer contributor

While the expectations of a substantial live performance of label mates Glass Candy and Chromatics is something you can pretty much set your watch to, what made their Granada appearance of 2013 special was the frenzy that took place in the foyer afterwards. The co-mingling between performer and fan is certainly not a rare occurrence; however, this was more a simple mobbing, an inevitable after-effect from a weary, adrenaline-fueled crowd. While most artists would just as soon disappear and recuperate, Johnny Jewel, having not only just performed back-to-back as an integral member of both acts, was at the enthusiastic center of it all.

Black Dahlia Murder, 2010 Andrew Hawkins, Observer contributor

My most memorable showgoing experience at Granada Theater was seeing the Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Augury and Hatesphere perform there in 2010 (all death metal bands, for the uninitiated). Granada has a fairly rarified air about it, so seeing throngs of long-haired, leather-clad, beer-guzzling dudes moshing in a venue where your friend's uncle probably watched a KXT-sponsored alt-country revue the night before was kind of surreal. It all felt kind of wrong, but that's part of the appeal of metal anyway, isn't it?

A.Dd+ boxing match, 2014 Gavin Mulloy, Trees marketing director

This was the second Dallas only Hip Hop Showcase at Granada, so I wasn't really sure how to differentiate it from the last one. Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ kept wanting to take it to the next level, like perform a song on top of the marquee with the crowd on the patio. I was really stuck on throwing a boxing ring on stage. I called around and thought I found an abandoned one but nothing panned out. Then Chris McDonald came to the rescue and contacted the Christian Wrestling Federation from Rockwall. Jesus literally saved the day. They were willing to bring it out, set it up and install it. We got a Rocky Balboa costume and the rest of the night was all set from there. When Slim and Paris ran down the Aisles, I knew it was all worth it.

The Goatacorn Mike Brooks, Observer photographer

My Granada remembrance is bittersweet. Like the last of the Mohicans or the final 10 pages of the Lord of the Rings, fans of the Granada got to see the passage of one of life's great mythological creatures: The Goatacorn. Long assumed to be a myth or a fantasy from a fairy tale, she emerged one enchanted evening to be part of the audience, then invited on stage, hobnobbing with amazed audience members in the alley and sharing awards at the DOMAs. Just as suddenly, she was gone, leaving us all with with a glimpse into a magical time that has passed from this world.

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