Great Glass Elevator, Briertone, 1090 Club, Peachcake

Daily special! There are some diverse and tasty pop delicacies on the menu at ellum:Onstage this week. It's a four-course orgy of synthesizers, violins, guitars, percussion, banjos and really adorable —legal and low-fat, promise!—pristine-voiced indie rockers.

Savor each act: Great Glass Elevator blend the driving, anthemic energy of punk guitar with maudlin Smiths-y melodies and lyrics; their friends Briertone give great rockabilly and season it with impassioned declarative evangelical mysticism, a kind of Black Heart Procession before they fell from grace and took up the handsaw; the 1090 Club furrow brows through their own cheerful revelry, real meat-and-potatoes power pop.

The cherry on the evening, undoubtedly, is Peachcake, who really ought to score the first Care Bears ecstasy movie. (If ever there is one, and let's just allow a girl to dream.) Peachcake is all futuristic, synthy, drum machine-driven love pop punctuated by nerdy camcorder rec-room vocals. The message in the music is irresistibly sweet: Dance! Hug! Celebrate the future! The songs have the potential to get cloying but not before they evaporate; and if those psychedelic rainbow costumes and herky-jerky onstage dance numbers they execute are any indication, you're more likely to roll out sated and giggling. The show promises all things sweet and substantial; so masticate this.

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Farren Stanley