Green Beer For Everyone: Ryan Bingham Headlines The Observer's St. Patrick's Day Concert

If you know the name Ryan Bingham, it might be because he was partially responsible for "The Weary Kind," from the soundtrack to 2009's Crazy Heart, which won him an Golden Globe in 2010 and released many tears from eye jail. Bingham and his band the Dead Horses have that perfect mix of country, rock and roots that comes from living the life that puts callouses on your hands, and the evidence lies on 2010's stellar Junky Star.

Bingham joins Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights on Saturday, March 17, for the Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day concert, which will be held in Energy Square on the corner of Greenville and University.

The big new this year: The Observer's partnered with Live Nation and House of Blues to bring you this annual shebang and, of course, the concert's preceded by a parade down Greenville Ave., complete with floats, costumes and, if you wish really hard, possibly a leprechaun or two. Oh, and lots of beer.

Tickets go on sale Friday, February 10, at 10 a.m. Stay tuned for a few more announcements!

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