Greg “The Hammer” Williams To Pick Up A Microphone Again For His New Gig: DOMA Presenter

There Greggo is again!

As we told you Monday, the Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony will feature huge celebrity presenters like Burton “We don’t care how you git here, folks, just git here!” Gilliam, who we surely chose because of his extensive knowledge and support of the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene.

But as proud as we are to have the “Trucks, Trucks, Trucks…” guy, we’re especially excited to announce our latest confirmation, who should be of some interest to the readers responsible for 328-and-counting comments on this recent cover story. Greg Williams, the former co-host of KTCK 1310-AM’s massively popular afternoon show The Hardline, will pick up a microphone once again as a presenter at the DOMA Awards Ceremony.

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle will not be returning as a presenter this year, so Greggo won’t get to ask him if he still likes his job. He could, however, ask co-presenters Dean and Jasmine from The Jagger Morning Show on Live 105.3 FM if they like theirs—and if they’re hiring.

Oh, and in other Ticket-related music news, it seems George Dunham, of the morning drive-time Dunham and Miller show, has a new band, the Bird Dogs. They’ll be performing tomorrow night at The Green Elephant’s Musical Chair Jamboree. --Jesse Hughey

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