Has Meat Loaf Gone Bad? The Brits, Resoundingly, Say 'Yes.'

Like a bat outta hell.

At a concert in the United Kingdom last night, Meat Loaf apparently...well...OK, according to this report, he really sucked. Like really sucked. Like streams of cars were seen leaving the show only minutes after it started. Read this:

"Responding to previous stories and taking advantage of a captive audience, Meat Loaf hit out at his producers saying they had promised to provide lights, catering, sounds and video screens and had failed.

He asked the near sellout 9,000 crowd to shout foul abuse to the producers on the count of three.

While some at the front followed his order, others stood stony-faced.

During the concert, Meat Loaf wheeled a coolbox of beer on to the stage and proceeded to drink throughout the performance, hitting out at teetotallers.

A photographer at the scene was told by officials that she was not allowed to take any pictures as Meat Loaf was 'in a really bad mood and had thrown all his toys out of the pram', banning any pictures from being taken.

Within half an hour of the concert starting, a number of people left and Blickling locals were said to have seen streams of cars leaving well before it had finished."

Uh, yeesh? Check this quote from one of the show's attendees:"I did not think there was one note that was in tune. It was just monosyllabic rambling. It was a waste of £80.”

Worse, this isn't the first problem Meat Loaf's had on this tour. On an earlier stop this month, crowds also left early--apparently because of the weather at the outdoor venue. Or so this already-issued apology implies. --Pete Freedman

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