Have You Seen This Man? You Might At Dan's Silverleaf Tonight...

Is Brian Lane back in town for an impromptu Slobberbone reunion?

6’ 7” Slobberbone bassist Brian Lane was sighted last weekend taking in an American Werewolf Academy show at the Barley House. Kind of hard to miss him, really.

And while it’s not surprising that the current Florida resident would come back to visit his old haunts, it is a little strange considering the event featured on the Dan’s Silverleaf calendar for this evening—a concert by the band Whiskey Glass Eye.

Some of you no doubt remember the Slobberbone classic song of the same name from their 1995 debut Crow Pot Pie. Well, The Drams have even plugged the show on their website—referring to the group as a Slobberbone “coverband”—while a friend of DC-9 witnessed Slobberbone/Drams singer Brent Best singing their praises from the stage while opening Sunday’s Jason Isbell show at the Granada. Best even went so far as to call the band “authentic.”

(Wink wink, nod nod.)

Sounds to us like Slobberbone might be pulling a Brett Favre tonight, but we're just guessing. --Noah W. Bailey

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