Hear A New Sarah Jaffe Song, And Watch Some New Performances of Old Ones, Too.

Last we spoke with Sarah Jaffe


the prodigious local singer-songwriter

spoke excitedly about the new material she was already hard at work on--songs that would take her music in a more lo-fi, perhaps more aggressive direction, the singer warned. Given the first insight we had into that direction--a second take off of her

Suburban Nature

song "Vulnerable," found exclusively on that album's vinyl pressing--we were intrigued. And our ears perked up even more so when Jaffe revealed that

it's possible we could see this new direction in the form of a new EP she could release as early as this fall


Well, thanks to the clip above, we can now get event more insight into that new sound. Shot by Dustin Reid of the Huffington Post, the video shows Jaffe performing a new song, called "A Sucker For Your Marketing" during an August 8 performance at The Living Room in New York City. It's a brooding new track--and a beautifully shot clip--that bodes well for Jaffe's future, as if anyone around here was really worried about that.

After the jump, two more bonus videos, just for fun, shot by another video group called Dirty Laundry, who recently posted clips of Jaffe performing Suburban Nature's "Clementine" and Even Born Again's "Black Hoax Lie," as shot earlier this summer. Well worth your watch, as always.

"Black Hoax Lie"


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