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BS: "Um, well, really we're having tour rehearsals right now, and, um, I'm really, really, you know, excited about it, 'cause, uh, most of the shows that I've done, I've really been the director of the show, and, uh, I have a lot of, you know, incredible people, like Jamie King, who does like all of Ricky Martin's shows and stuff like that, to come in and help me out. But, um, yeah...I mean, of course, I have the new songs from the new album that I'm gonna be doing. And, um, yeah, it's gonna be fun, like the first part of the show I hit 'em strong, really, really hard, and then I come out and I have, like, you know, the sets are really amazing, like I have, like, one bedroom set, and it's just, like, really cartoonish looking, and it's, like, it's a lot of fun to do. And, um, then I come back and I do the harder songs like 'Don't Go Knockin' On My Door' and 'Satisfaction,' and it just has, like, the show flows really, really well, but then again it has levels to it, and it, you know, there's really, really sweet parts to the show, and then there's really, really strong, hard parts that are really, you know, edgy. But, um, and the costumes are just amazing. They're really, really nice. I'm really excited about it. So...a lot of costumes, hee. A lot of quick changes. We haven't really worked all that out yet, but we'll manage. But I'm really excited about it."

Moderator: "Margie Szaroleta with AP Radio."

Szaroleta: "Britney, uh, at the end of your, um, thank-yous on your album, there's one that's not really to anybody. You talk about 'twisting your hair' and 'you'll always be a part of my heart and soul.' Who's that to?"

BS: "Um, it's a mystery person."

Szaroleta: "A mystery person? Can you tell us even if it's...you know, is it a guy?"

BS: "No, it's a mystery person. Hee hee. If that's OK, that's all I'm gonna say."

Moderator: "Andrea Dresdale with ABC Networks."

Dresdale: "I interviewed your mother not long ago, and she told me that you were looking at a lot of, uh, movie scripts, including one that might be a remake or some update of Grease, or something like that. Could you tell me a little bit about your acting, uh, some of the stuff you might be doing in the future?"

BS: "Um, I would love to do a movie. But a movie is something I would definitely like to do next year, because, you know, my schedule with touring and stuff like that. But, um, yeah, there was talk of me doin', um, you know, Grease, but there's a lot of talk of me doin' a lot of other movies too. But that one, I guess, stood out because, you know, it's such a, you know, great idea. But, um, nothing is set in stone. Actually, I actually don't think I'm gonna do it at this point. I'm not really for sure, but it's probably...it's just...it was just, you know, some talk. It's not definite, though."

Moderator: "Raina Meyer with Pop Star."

Meyer: "I especially want to congratulate you on the amazing album sales. And I wanted to find out, like, where were you when you found out about your sales, who told you, and, like, what was your reaction?"

BS: "Um, actually I was in the car, and my manager called me, he told me, and I was just so excited. 'Cause I was really, really worried about it, especially because we put so much into this album, and, you know, I've had a lot more association with this, and it was just, you know, it's like really special to me and especially, you know, with it being the second album, you know, you always wonder, you know, your first album, it does really well and a lot of people's second albums come out. So I was really worried about it, so. You know, I prayed about it, and, you know, thank God everything turned out OK."

Moderator: "David Siminelli with In LA magazine."

Siminelli: "Hey, I'm a big fan..."

BS: "Thank you!"

Siminelli: "...and I'm also a big fan of the Stones--the, uh, Rolling Stones--as well. So, I wanted to address, uh, 'Satisfaction.' Now, before the album even came out, a lot of the critics commented on how bold a move it was for you to remake such a classic like 'Satisfaction,' and the same critics kinda said the same thing about Madonna doing 'American Pie.' So, I just want to know, is it a coincidence that that happened, or did maybe Madonna remaking such a classic kinda give you the confidence to, to, you know, take on such a strong, well-known song as 'Satisfaction'? You know, how did that come about that you recorded that?"

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